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Transatlantic Open Government Virtual Education
Date du début: 15 oct. 2015, Date de fin: 14 oct. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Public bodies’ workers are currently facing an enormous challenge: a growing public demand for the creation of an opener and more inclusive governance and the emergence of several and social information and communication technologies (ICTs).As a result of the meetings and the debates that took place in the “1st Iberoamerican Conference on Public Innovation” (, which hosted leading specialists in the modernization of the public sector in Spain and Latin America; one of the clearest findings was the need for a common training space (both within Europe, within LAC, and between continents) in order to help a sector that evolves technologically slowly and has so much room for improvement, especially at local levels.This platform should encourage the use of good common practices and the self-improvement of public workers in order to progress as a society.The main outputs expected are:1. Creation and improvement of Digital Education Departments in the Latin American HEIs2. Joint development, recording and delivery of an Open Government MOOC in each consortium HEIs.3. Creation of a mutually beneficial and lasting LAC-EU HEIs partnership that will enable a Digital Education Cooperation Programme designed to jointly manage the Open GovernmentDigital Education Platform (OGDEP).4. Develop opportunities for international cooperation at regional (LAC)5. Development of new tools for the exchange of good “digital” practices among Latin American and European universities.6. Promotion of good governanceThe main impact of TOGiVE is, thanks to the EU-LAC platform for tertiary-level online learning, to supply society with people with leadership, language and technology skills.The public workers (the students) will benefit by acquiring new skills and know-how in the development of open government, thus improving their professional and social prospects. A platform of this type will undoubtedly generate prestige both for the HEI and the area that host it.



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