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Trans-Regional Environmental Awareness for Sustainable Usage of Water Resources (TREASURE-WATER)
Date du début: 15 oct. 2015, Date de fin: 14 oct. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project, aiming at strengthening cooperation between Russia and Kazakhstan, addresses one of their common regional priorities – ‘Development of partnerships with enterprises’ which is on the lists of national priorities for both countries. The project is also consolidated by the shared environmental theme - a cross-cutting topic in the national and regional priorities for RU and KZ. The consortium includes 11 academic and 3 non-academic partners (2 enterprises and a research institute). It integrates both, experienced and new partners in EU projects.The wider objective is to contribute to empower universities in RU and KZ by enhancing synergy between higher education and enterprises in the field of Trans-Boundary Water Resources Management (TWRM).To achieve this goal the following specific objectives are envisaged:To develop a trans-institutional model for interaction between HEIs and enterprises in the field of TWRM;To enhance teaching capacities of the PC HEIs;To empower enterprises in the Water Sector in the PCs by developing support tools and staff training;To raise awareness of water problems;To create potential for internationalization.As a result of the project the following outcomes/outputs will be achieved:- a strategy for building ‘Industry–Academia Learning Partnerships’ and a methodology for TWRM developed;- an ‘Industry-Academia Teaching Task Force’ created and trained, the teaching environment at PC universities modernized;- new curricula and ECTS based courses in TWRM designed in cooperation with the industry ;- an e-learning platform designed and installed;- new modules in TWRM for industry in operation on a LLL basis and integrated into the curricula at PC universities,- supported by a digital library of course materials;- a Quality Plan for all project activities fulfilled;- wide dissemination achieved, including creating a water problems awareness in the society at large;- efficient management of the project implemented.



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