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Trans-national co-operation among National Contact Points for Socio-economic sciences and the Humanities (SSH NCPs) (NET4SOCIETY2)
Date du début: 1 févr. 2011, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2013 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"A strong and efficient Network of National Contact Points (NCPs) is not only elementary to the success of the Socioeconomic Sciences and the Humanities (SSH) Programme of the 7th EU Framework Programme but also to the realization of the European Research Area.The trans-national SSH NCP cooperation project NET4SOCIETY² strives to increase the awareness for and the visibility of the SSH Programme and its “new approach” while endorsing a strong NCP network dedicated to increasing the professionalism of its members. NET4SOCIETY² strengthens and enhances the existing SSH NCPs´ network NET4SOCIETY.NET4SOCIETY² offers web-based tools for easing SSH NCP work, specific high quality training sessions, expert exchanges and dedicated workshops. NET4SOCIETY² organizes large international SSH events to promote the relevance of SSH research in Europe and the FP7 SSH Programme. To support the specifications of the “new approach” these large events include interdisciplinary brokerage events. The project provides a dedicated SSH Research Directory for the specific area of Socioeconomics and the Humanities, and a refined partner-search support system. These tools will be published on the project’s dedicated Internet site.NET4SOCIETY² continues the work of the 2008-2011 SSH network NET4SOCIETY. The Network consists of a total of 60 NCPs representing 53 countries, including NCPs from International Cooperation Partner Countries (ICPCs). NET4SOCIETY² is open to all SSH-NCPs.A core group of Work Packages leaders, including the Third Country Contact Points, works closely together with the co-ordinator to implement the project’s objectives. All SSH NCPs are invited to be involved either as ""beneficiary"" or as third parties (""national expert"") and are thus entitled to access all network events and tools and share in the network's pool of information."



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