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Trans Channel Neuroscience Network (TC2N)
Date du début: 31 août 2009, Date de fin: 29 juin 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The TC2N project is managed by a federation of 40 laboratories from Nijmegen to Brest, via Portsmouth called the LARC-Neuroscience Network. The project will focus on 5 main research topics: cerebrovascular accident (CVA), eating disorders, tumors, neurodevelopmental diseases and (neuro)endocrine disruptives.The main objectives of the project are: - to boost, widen and develop the LARC-Neuroscience network with 5 new research teams- share infrastructure and skills to develop new protocols, establish collaborative research projects and exchange staff among the laboratories- develop training, scientific understanding and facilitate collaboration through scientific partner meetings and develop student exchange programmes - broadcast new developments and new results to the Scientific Community, SMEs and the general public The complementarity of the research teams in the project is very important and will give access to new expertise and the development of innovative methodologies. Also, by helping to access hi-tech tools in the field of Neurosciences, the project will facilitate the creation and development of companies in this field. Expected Results: What are the key results of the project?We will organize 3 meetings of the LARC-Neuroscience network in Rennes, Portsmouth and Rouen, and contribute to developp this network (new Web site, incorporation of new Research Teams…). We will contribute to support travel expenditures of at least 80 persons.We are also going to organize 50 conferences, 2 summer schools and 25 training events which will not only be open to the people of the network but also to the outer participants from academia or industry and SMEs. We will organize a final conference in Ghent. Those meetings will also be open to representatives from our government agencies. In terms of communication, we will promote Neurosciences to the lay public, the researchers and the Bio-tech companies. The aim is to encourage growh in the labour market, attract new researchers in the trans-channel area and increase our interaction with industries. We plan at least 1 Web site, 20 Neuroscience-related newletters, 6 project newsletters, 2 exhibitions and participation at 2 showcase events during brain awarness week.Are all partners and territories benefitting from the results?Academic environment: the TC2N project will facilitate the cooperation between academic research teams and will contribute to increase the use of the Technological Infrastructures within the cross-border region of the 2 Seas area, in particular in the field of Neurosciences. We will organize training courses which will be not only opened to participants of the project but also to other researchers interested in our areas of research and development. We are going to send students to training events and courses abroad. Therefore, this project will contribute to improve the training level of our students in Masters, Doctorate and postdoctoral courses.Companies and healthcare professionals will benefit by helping to develop the application of high technological tools in the field of Neurosciences, the project is going to help the creation or development of companies in the cross-border region of the 2 Seas who normally do not have access to such expensive and efficient equipments.Some contacts will be established with companies which are or will become established within incubation centers such as the Rouen Innovation Santé area. A brochure to promote our activities and facilities will be produced and distributed during forums and meetings with the help of people of the bio-health sector.The lay public: numerous activities and presentations for the lay public and schools will be organized. We are not only going to contribute to events such as the Science festival, the Brain Awareness Week, or the Stroke Day but we will also organize dedicated conferences in schools or to patients' associations to inform of the risks associated with illnesses such as obesity, high blood pressure, anorexia or drug addiction.What are the effects / outcomes for the territories involved?Health in an ageing Europe is an important issue of common interest for all partners associated with the project. The Second Program of Community Action in the Field of Health 2008-2013 wants to: 1) improve citizens' health security, 2) promote health, including the reduction of health inequalities and 3) generate and disseminate health information and knowledge. All the research themes included in the TC2N project will promote our understanding of mental health and propose approaches for new treatments, so a key outcome of the project will be the better health and wellbeing of 2 Seas region citizens.Through our exchanges and the sharing of Technological Infrastructures, we will strengthen our good practices of research. The results will be shared with all the participants of the LARC-Neuroscience network and contribute to a stronger, more powerful network.



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