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Date du début: 1 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The increasing worldwide demand for agricultural products - which is attributable to population growth - has a twofold impact, affecting on the one hand the value of the aforementioned commodities and securing on the other the real agricultural income per labour unit according to Eurostat. Agricultural trade data confirm the specific trends as they showed a net trade of €14.3 Bn for the year 2012. Meanwhile, farmers’ role is demanding as he has to face challenging environment issues as the climate change and natural resources degradation and a stringent regulatory context which assures food quality. It’s worth to be mentioned that economic returns from farming are not satisfying and many farms are too small to survive as businesses The plethora of concerns that have risen have created the obvious need for the amelioration of farmers’ decision making skills. Current’s project objective is the development of an innovative e-learning platform which would efficiently satisfy farmers’ agricultural and business information needs. The specific platform will materialize the transition to a new model of learning through gamification mechanisms which will enable farmers’ voluntary engagement for the achievement of knowledge acquisition. E-Learning initiatives based on adult education theories and distance learning methods are monopolizing the interest of various parts of society (education, enterprises etc.) because they can reciprocate to user personalized demands. The proposed platform will pose e learning under a new context enhancing its inventory with innovative tools and approaches. Project’s partnership perceives that gamification implementation combined with usable interfaces will contribute to the improvement of content conveyance and syllabus attractiveness. Project’s partners believe that our project could potentially contribute to a market reform resulting in both higher output product and quality. Furthermore, our project intends to promote agricultural development, to commercialize farmer innovation with environmental friendly solutions and to improve food quality creating new opportunities to the labor market. A section of the platform will be dedicated to end users (farmers). The latter will have a dedicated customized digital space in order to set up their own business initiatives, such us selling products in fixed price or in auction). The acquired knowledge will be put directly into practice having immediate results. Each member of the partnership network envisions a framework of sustainable business development combining lifelong learning process and a state-of-the-art educational method such as gamification applications. The proposed project brings together 7 partners from 4 countries composing a team with academic and enterprising competencies. More specifically it combines two higher education institutes with proven expertise in communication systems, agricultural enterpreunersip and project management; One agricultural cooperation companie SME with great hands-on experience in agricultural sector having 6.000 members (farmers) an association of young farmers representing 5000 members, and an innovative SME (IT) in serous game development and an NGO specialized in farming (NL). All partners employ experts in VET and dissemination to support the proposed project for impact maximization on a national and European level.



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