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Training the Teachers Matters!
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

As an active adult education organization we have seen in theory and practise the influence and the far-reaching consequences of high quality education and we want to strive for excellence. Training the Teacher Matters! project was created as a mobility project tailored to the needs of our education staff and is strongly connected to our development plan and Erasmus+ objectives. The project objectives we defined are the following:- to improve ICT skills of our education staff connected to teaching in classroom and online- to enhance the quality of their core teaching skills - to raise their awareness and appreciation of multiculturalism- to improve their language competences- to build upon their personal development skills- to increase the international dimension of our organization - to build strong partnerships in EU territory. to increase their civic and social competence - to increase their awareness of Erasmus+ projects and the learning opportunities they bring.It is our 5-year plan to establish 8-10 regular teaching courses via internet, start the innovative practise of teaching some adult classes based on Montessori teaching principles for adult education, prepare a high quality curriculum for training course on teaching via internet and using other IT tools for teachers and deliver it regularly, offer every interested educator within our organization an intercultural experience in European country, deliver more attractive and effective lessons using more techniques and methods and more techniques and methods and more self-evaluation tools, have 700-900 students attend our educational activities every year, deliver our lectures in 16-18 places in Slovenia and build strong partnership with organizations from most of the EU countries.Mobilities will take place in Leuven, Belgium at the Radadesh College, in Citta di Castello, Italy, and in Riga, Latvia. Four participants sent for the Training Course in Latvia and Belgium and 1 participant for the Training Course in Italy will all be active members of our education staff with different levels of expertise, experiences, age and/or gender.Interactive PPT presentations, workshops, lectures, ice-breakers, energizers, individual, pair and group work, discussions, brainstorming sessions, surveys and self-evaluation activities etc. will be used as methodology.The participants will be actively engaged in the learning process through games (ice-breakers and energizers), presentations and workshops of various methods and programs for teaching how to plan and deliver the lesson and how to counsel the students, learning Montessori approach, workshops on IT skills (how to prepare a high quality PPT presentation, social media, teaching via internet,...), lectures and workshops on personal and professional development, evaluation and self-reflection activities, sightseeing of the tourist attractions of Riga and the vicinity of Radadesh College and Villa Montesca, interactive presentations on Erasmus+ in general.At the end of mobility participants will write down their Action Plans –what they will do when they go back to their organizations to put all they’ve learnt into action. Each participant will receive two recognition tools: their Europass CVs and Europass Mobility Document.One of the high quality impacts will be learning and bringing the Montessori methodology for teaching adults to Slovenia. The mobilities will also give the participants many learning and development skills, competencies and opportunities that will be useful in their teaching career and in their private life - beneficial for them personally, for their students, organization they belong to and for the community.Participating in the training course will help our organization to gain and develop not only very valuable competences and skills, but we will also gain experience and more recognition and credibility in our teaching staff and educational activities and more students and new teachers. Our organization will increase the number of learning activities on a local, regional and national level and will reach more students using the newly acquired IT and teaching skills and will actively work to motivate and invite EU partners to apply for future projects on their own or with us.



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