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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"TRAINING ON LEARNING DISABILITIES FOR TEACHERS AND PARENTS. NEW STRATEGIES AND ICT CONTRIBUTIONS" We are a group of educational advisers that have found that teachers and parents, although nowadays know some useful strategies about how to manage with pupils with learning disabilities and begin to understand the need of using ICT, don´t know well and haven´t got useful materials with all the specific tools and software for pupils with learning disabilities. Moreover, they have barriers to use these ICT tools and need to improve their digital and computer skills, in addition to knowing the innovative methodologies that help pupils with learning disabilities to learn better. This project has the main objectives of: 1- Develop innovative practices in our institutions, extending the use of ICT tools; 2- Analyse current and new practices in teachers and parents dealing with learning disabilities; 3- Improve teachers competences in ICT and new methodologies, specially those that allow them to help better to pupils with learnig disabilities; 4- Enhance better levels of ICT use in the educational context, 5- Introduce changes in the teaching-learning processes in adults training; 6- Increase teachers motivation in difficult situations with innovative practices; 7- Give parents better support about how to deal with learning disabilities towards an ICT training, and 8- Increase the pupils with learning disabilities schools results. The participants are 5 institutions. There is a heterogeneous number of staff directily involved in the project, there are around 5-8 members in each team and indirectly involved, all of them. The profile of the staff are: Psychollogists, Pedagogues, ICT and computers technicians and managers. This project is thought to create some useful materials to helping teachers and parents who have children with learning disabilities (Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, Attention Disorder and Hyperactivity or Non-verbal learning desease, because these are the most numerous learning disabilities) to improve these pupils learning, increasing their school results and preventing early school leaving. The main results and activities we want to achieve are: 1- A critical analysis about how teachers and parents deal with learning disabilities and what they need and what problems we have to solve out, in order to help, in a better way, to pupils with learning disabilities to gain educational objectives; 2- A methodological guide with useful strategies that allow us to solve the problems we found in the critical analysis and to cover teachers and parents with children with learning disabilities needs, specially those that have a disadvantage situation. This guide would include ICT tools to use with these pupils, to learn better and there would be tools specific to each learning disability, and general tools, for instance, activities and software to improve executive functions or memory. And teachers and parents could understand better these contents with the terms glossary; 3- Design and develop Courses and Pedagogical materials for teachers and parents. These materials could help to other advisers or adult trainers to organize other more motivating training courses about learrning disabilities and ICT in educational context in the future; 4- Videogames for children with this kind of problems, to train some skills in a more motivating way, and to motivate more to teachers and parents to use these tools in the classroom and at home; 5- Portal web "MULTIFUNCTIONAL INTERNET PLATFORM "European Help-desk for learning difficulties", into what we are going to include all the materials, links related to education, learning disabilities, local, regional, national and european resources, a net support to offer to people who access to the portal, advise and information about educational topics, specially ICT tools for learning disabilities, among other materials. All partners involved in this project will do all these products, although each country will be the coordinator of an output. Each team will have a coordinator into each learning disability. We think our results have a big sustainability, because all of them will be included in the portal "The European help desk on learning difficulties" (ourput 5), an Internet platform open to all. And we can continue doing the courses in the future with our own budget. We can disseminate the results in several platforms: E-twinning, EPALe, Euroguidance, local and regional webs and other institutions directly, because we are external advisers that visit a lot of schools and educational institutions. The institutions that work together in this project will be in contact in the future, because we were already doing it and we think our exchange of practices and experiences it´s very useful. We would like to enhance a good evaluation in the EU institutions, for instance, Europass; thats it´s the reason why we are going to try to work with a high quality.



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