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Training on Corporate Innovation Management System for Competitiveness
Date du début: 1 nov. 2015, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

One of the main driving forces of the knowledge based society is knowledge itself, which is a fundamental element of competitiveness. Every product around us is the result of a chain of development processes. The innovation resulting in the intellectual output (the product), is an essential driving force of the economic life. Nowadays, there is a strong focus on innovation, because the speed of development is rapidly increasing. The 2014 issue of the Flash Eurobarometer describes the characteristics of innovative enterprises, on EU level as well as from the national economy’s point of view. According to this, between 2011 and 2013 37%, out of 28 EU member countries enterprises, 39% of Slovakian, 41% of Romanian, 40% of Polish and 24% of Hungarian enterprises have created new or significantly developed products. Our goal is to develop a training material addressing the development of an innovation management system based on the new CENT/TS 16555 standard released in 2013. This system will be established and tested in the partner organisations. By developing new educational materials, the project improves the adaptation of vocational education to the needs of the labour market and supports its harmonisation with modern economic needs. The project embraces the educational and employment sectors; therefore it contains labour based elements as well. As a result of the social and economic development needs the CEN/TS 16555 standard was issued in 2013, providing technological guidance for innovation management, and supporting the implementation of the innovation management system. The measurement and evaluation of innovation means much more than simple data collection. IMS serves to use these data to establish the development of such systems, and to measure their effectiveness. Therefore innovation can be understood as the complex system of the following attributes: - Clarified leadership role regarding innovation strategy - Planning successful innovation strategy and processes - Aspects supporting innovation - Optimizing IMS - Evaluation of IMS achievements - Assessment and adjustment of IMS The novelty of this project is that it will develop an innovation management system based on the recently issued CEN/TS 16555 standard, which will be tested ‘on the spot’ on the partners’ own organisations, and the results will be disseminated among entrepreneurs in the partners’ network, involving them in the testing process as well. The standard-based IMS can be integrated into the larger corporate management systems (e.g. ISO 9001) which share the common base of dynamic PDCA system. The project will realize the following intellectual outputs: IO 1 – will consist of three parts: IO1.1: a competence profile of the person who will be responsible for IMS within the company IO1.2: a collection of questions assembled based on the Standard. This database will help the companies to assess the actual state of the corporate innovation management and scrutiny the needs within their company. IO1.3: a guidebook which supports the implementation of the IMS system within the company IO 2 – The main parts of IO 2 are the following: IO2.1: Training material to support the establishment of the Standard based IMS (includes Curriculum, Pedagogical Guide, Good examples, Hand-outs etc.) IO2.2: Testing of the training within project partnership – 5 days joint staff event IO2.3: Testing of the training material at national level using Blended learning method IO 3 - Online social brainstorming platform to support innovation and creative idea generation. The project partnership will consist of 6 partners (2 Hungarian, 2 Romanian, 1 Slovak, 1 Polish), covering a wide range of the economic sectors from SME, across large multinational company, to various educational institutes etc. Most of the partners have known each other, but the partners in this combination have not worked together before. For P6, this is the first time to participate in an Erasmus+ project. The partnership has great experiences in the development of educational materials, education and training, and implementing innovation in everyday worklife. The materials and additional tools will be developed with the contribution of professional trainers ensuring that the training process will be professional, adjusted to the needs and possibilities of the target group, and appropriate to train practical knowledge about innovation process, IMS establishment and maintenance. The target groups of the project are: - Professional trainers and training institutes advancing/aspiring to train and develop innovation management competences, and IMS process to the assigned persons of the companies who will be responsible for innovation management within the company. - Corporate employees and/or managers (small, medium and large companies) The duration of the project is 2 years, and it will start on 01.10.2015.



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