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Training Of Youth for Preparedness Against Marine Induced Hazards
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

TROYO aims to combine scientific excellence of professionals in Coastal Engineering field with enunciable skills in marine hazards for youth to endeavor a better understanding of marine hazards and their effects of human life and manmade coastal structures and prepare guidelines and online tools for safety and preparedness. Raising awareness and preparedness against marine hazards are crucial for coastal communities in order to avoid inevitable damages. Hence, communities should be trained and educated about marine hazards, mitigation tools, and disaster management.The main objective is training of younger by young on preparedness against marine events and protection of coastal utilization and environment. In this respect, TROYO is organized to train youth on the marine hazards through innovative and scientific tools and methods. Youth to be trained by trainers, experts and professionals shall be from any disciplines even not necessarily from coastal or civil engineering fields. The training program will enhance knowledge and awareness of selected young people in the marine hazards and acquire new methods of preparedness against marine hazards and transfer of acquired knowledge directly to younger through training.THE MAIN TOPICS OF THE PROJECT• Training youth to train youth by considering that they are coming from different disciplines• Case studies – What have been done and results and what should have been done• Incorporation of Experiences of Partners, preparedness methods of partners• Technics for professional scientific simplicityTROYO activities are divided into four Work Packages (WPs): Work Package 1: Training Materials for Youth on Marine Hazards Work Package 2: Training of Youth by Experts Work Package 3: Training of Younger by Trained Youth Work Package 4: Training of Younger by Trained Youth Work packages starts with transfer of scientific knowledge and experience with innovative methods into enunciable knowledge, converting enunciable knowledge of marine hazards into training materials for youth and general public, training selected youth from universities, and facilitating selected youth from universities to train selected people from younger generation.



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