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Training of older workers in Entrepreneurship

The Governments are struggling to find ways to enhance job creation and fuel growth after the global economic crisis. There is a growing acknowledgement among policymakers that entrepreneurship plays a key role in innovative societies, and that entrepreneurship is an important driver of wealth creation and economic recovery.The training programme which will be transferred, adjusted and implemented is highly relevant for the Leonardo priority of promoting cooperation between vocational education and working life. Additionally will the training programme increase the possibilities of creating new jobs and support the economic growth in participating countries. The results of the project will be strengthened by combining the knowledge and experience of the partners from different European countries.The main aims of the project are: -To integrate the program as a permanent training opportunity in vocational and adult education institutions; -Create new jobs through entrepreneurship and innovation; -Encourage people with long working experience to utilize their ideas and establishing their own businessThe main objectives of the the proact are: -Transfer, adjust and implement the Danish training program for Entrepreneurs;-To improve access and availability of entrepreneurship education for people with long working experience; -To gather knowledge and experience through the Partners network about designing efficient training programme for older entrepreneurs; -To establish an internet based platform for the Entrepreneurs in order to create a European network for Entrepreneurs and for providers of training for Entrepreneurs; -To make a Guideline for future Entrepreneurs, published on the internet based platform.



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