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Date du début: 1 mai 2012, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The introduction of new ionic moieties (cations and anions) into polymers is giving rise to a new family of functional polymers with particular properties and new applications which is provoking a RENAISSANCE of the chemistry and applications of classic polyelectrolytes. However, further developments and a better understanding of the properties and applications of innovative polyelectrolytes are still necessary to develop their actual and emerging applications. RENAISANCE will aim at excellence in developing high quality training opportunities through a synergistic collaborative research programme between industry and academia in the field of polymer science as applied to needs in Energy&Environment areas.RENAISSANCE ITN allows the assembly of a truly world class multidisciplinary and intersectoral research and training network, capable to locate Europe at the forefront of emerging polyelectrolyte research. The six academic partners of the network (POLYMAT, LCPO, MPI CI, BIORGEL, ULg and IMDEA) and the four industrial participants (KITOZYME, PG B, PG I and REPSOL) are internationally renowned for their research and training activities in the fields of competence that they represent. RENAISSANCE training program includes local training activities such as individual research projects, PhDs, master courses, supervision and mentoring, specific local courses, as well as network-wide activities such as secondments, local courses open to the network participants, four workshops,one summer schools and one conference. Both scientific training and complementary skills training will be taken into account. The network will offer training to 11 Early Stage Researchers a 1 Experienced Researchers. The ultimate goal will be to train ESRs as quality researchers, prepare them for positions in industry and academia suitable to become future leader scientists in the multidisciplinary emerging field of innovative polyelectrolytes



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