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Training in Smart Metering Technologies for Construction Site Managers
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 28 févr. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

BACKGROUND & CHALLENGES With over 250 million smart meters for electricity, gas, water expected to be installed in EU by 2020, the work of construction site managers is already undergoing change, requiring appropriate up-skilling with combined, green and digital, competences, to supervise the commission, installation, and operation of smart metering solutions. The new challenge for the traditional construction training sector is to further expand to the newly introduced field of modern environmental technologies. The current status of site managers’ skills development in relevance to smart metering is not sufficiently, comprehensively and consistently, supported by VET programs in an EU level. AIM The project aims to support VET provision for site managers in smart metering addressing the needs of VET providers, learners, and the sector by: a) addressing modern training needs in terms of practicality, flexibility, cost-effectiveness and EU accessibility, b) developing Open Educational Resources that ensure easy and free access to on-line educational material, and c) promoting a framework towards the development of an EU qualification on smart metering skills for site managers. OBJECTIVES OBJ-1. Develop appropriate learning outcomes and modular course to address power, gas, and water smart metering skills needs. OBJ-2. Introduce modern training methods in the form of OERs and MOOC. OBJ-3. Facilitate mutual recognition of the developed learning outcomes across EU. THE COSMET PARTNERSHIP The partnership comprises 6 organisations from 6 countries from the world of VET, the industry, and research/field experts. Summit Skills, as the UK’s standard setting organisation for building services engineering, works with the sector to develop standards and qualifications. The Polish Association of Building Managers (PABM) represents the construction managers’ sector needs at national and EU-wide level. The Hellenic Society for the Promotion of Research and Development Methodologies (PROMEA) is an expert in innovative VET methodologies and MOOC development. The Department of Architectural Constructions of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) leads the research in innovative technologies for the construction sector. The Vocational Training Institute of the Construction Industry in North-Rhine Westphalia (BFW NRW) and the Vilnius Builders Training Centre (VSRC) are specialising in developing job-specific VET programs and courses. ACTIVITIES & METHODOLOGY 1. Development of learning outcomes, based on evidence collected from VET providers, field experts and the construction industry via original desk and field research on skills requirements, leading to specific definitions of knowledge, skills and competences following ECVET. 2. Development of a modular course (in the form of OERs and MOOC) and VET guidelines for the integration of the COSMET modules in current and future training programmes. 3. Involvement of public authorities for the future certification & accreditation of the COSMET curricula, through the development and promotion of a support statement and action plan. 5. Sharing and validation of outputs with multiplier events, inviting target groups to test and uptake COSMET results acting as further disseminators. RESULTS 1. Evidence-based learning outcomes in comprehensive skills for site managers to supervise the commission, installation, maintenance of smart meters in construction sites. 2. VET learning units for a corresponding modular course. 3. VET guidelines for the integration of the developed learning outcomes into existing programmes. 4. Pedagogical resources and assessment tools offered as OERs. 5. A COSMET Massive Open Online Course. 5. Framework for the recognition of the developed learning outcomes towards a "smart metering for site managers" EU qualification. 6. A registry of EU qualifications on smart metering technologies. 6. Two demonstration workshops (LT and DE) to promote results and validate learning materials. 7. Four national information days (UK, ES, EL, PL) to disseminate results. IMPACT AND POST-PROJECT SUSTAINABILITY The COSMET project is expected to have the following impact and longer term benefits: 1. Promoting participation of a growing number of VET learners using the COSMET OERs and MOOC via their availability and dissemination, exploitation and maintenance activities for three years after the project’s completion based on the partners own effort. 2. Supporting at least 20 VET providers across the EU on enhancing new training programs by integrating the COSMET outputs. 3. Further maturing of certification & accreditation policies, as a result of the developed by the project framework towards the development of an EU qualification on smart metering for site managers, and in particular via the dissemination and signing of the COSMET support statement and action plan to authorities and policy makers.



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