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"Training in Motion: Vielfalt entdecken, kennen lernen und gestalten während eines Lernaufenthalts in Europa zur Förderung internationaler Handlungskompetenz"
Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The interdisciplinary project "Training in Motion: Discovering, exploring and shaping variety during a learning stay in Europe to enhance international skills and competence" for students, trainees and teaching staff is on the one hand based on the fact that we have a growing range of organisational, logistic and financial opportunities to open up and discover Europe as a space for learning and on the other hand on the motivation to discover, get to know and shape variety and to experience diversity as a value, particularly in view of currently profound geopolitical and social changes and developments. Enlarging one's knowledge, discovering something new and being able to look at familiar things from a different perspective and to put them into question during an exchange with people from other cultural backgrounds, these are skills which are of increasing importance in view of a rapidly changing and increasingly networked world.The objectives of our project are therefore:- Giving incentives to move into something new- Sensitizing participants for different structures and approaches by taking a different point of view- Enhancing intercultural competence by "immersing" in complex and different professional environments and situations- Developing and strengthening self-confidence and empowerment by engaging in different everyday lives and working structuresand by getting to know and experiencing different value systems- Enhancing perseverence and the ability to remain calm when coping with unfamiliar situations- Getting to know the languages and approaches of colleagues, business partners and customers and learning how to work and communicate in these languages without misunderstandings- Providing learners and teaching staff with skills which enable them to adapt more easily to technological and organisational changes within complex social structures and a diverse and multilingual information society- Improving the quality and efficiency of vocational training by exploiting the plurality of learning environments both at home and abroad- Improving chances, flexibility and competitiveness - employability - of young people in different professional fields on global labour markets- Encouraging learners and teaching staff to actively "live" mobility and cross-border cooperation by widening their perspective andtheir personal and professional range beyond national borders- Giving teachers the opportunity to explore the common work and learning place called Europe and to initiate and shape learning cooperations and networks Europe-wide- Enhancing the international orientation of our vocational school and integrating it visibly into all its fields.The project participants come from different job and training backgrounds but they all have something in common: They all learn, study and work in a multicultural environment characterized by diversity. Taking part in this project will enable them to work more efficiently in internationally orientated enterprises and organisations, especially with regard to people coming from different cultural backgrounds and speaking different languages.For the teaching staff the project offers the chance to enlarge their intercultural competence both professionally and personally in a European context, to get new input and ideas for their work and to review and reassess familiar concepts.All in all: Our main objective is to motivate students, trainees, trainers and teachers to get to know people in different cultural contexts , to exchange knowledge and experiences, to discover something new, experience diversity as a value, broaden their horizons as much as possible and use the qualifications, skills and experiences thus acquired as a basis for further learning and training. The most important topic of the project is to encourage people, regardless of age and status, to stay open-minded and curious, to discover the diversity of ways of life and of approaches, to change their familiar point of view and their learning environment which means to increase their mobility by acquiring more competences enabling them to cope with rapidly changing situations and to communicate with people world-wide.During the project different activities and measures will be carried out, e.g. work placements for students or assignments for teachers to initiate cooperations with colleagues in Europe to exchange professional knowledge, ideas and materials. Thus preparation measures accompanying the different project flows vary according to participants and include for example intercultural training and language courses. During the implementation and follow-up of the project different ways of documentation will be used, e.g. modern media like smartphones or tablets, presentations or media releases.The results of the project will ensure a sustainable development and growth of each participant's personality and provide evidence for the internationalization process of our school.



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