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Training in community mental healthcare
Date du début: 1 oct. 2014, Date de fin: 1 nov. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

: Support mental health professionals in entrepreneurial activities and provide them with advanced clinical, social and management skills required for sustainable evidence-based mental healthcare innovation across Europe. Provide support for shifting partner countries’ hospital based models to community based models in mental health. The project will bring together higher education bodies and active mental healthcare professionals across 6 partner countries. A dedicated platform implemented by the leading vocational training centre will provide transnational joint e-training and mentoring programme. E-training will provide a robust introduction to entrepreneurial principles and best practices in the mental healthcare sector. It will foster collaborative learning activities on mental health care innovation with hands-on sessions performed simultaneously in all partner countries in English. Mentoring activities will couple mental health professionals with matching mentors from an existing pool of experts on community based mental health care and entrepreneurship, providing support tailored to their specific entrepreneurial aspirations and their particular needs and intentions. Learning pathways will be defined through the e-training and mentoring sessions in order for trainees to be able to follow a curriculum tailored to their needs and interests. Actions: •ECVET learning outcomes will be agreed among all partners • Introduction to current mental health care interventions - comparative review between partner countries • Profiling of mental health professionals, presentation of their existing activities and identification of skills candidate for reinforcement/development. • Methodology for developing innovative mental health interventions fostering transnational collaboration • Task based learning of social entrepreneurial skills –mental health professionals will engage in collaborative activities with their peers across all participating countries • Universities will provide the know-how and the training material will be jointly created with the vocational training centre • Higher education institutions will provide a pool of experts on community mental health model and entrepreneurship Results • Transnational joint e-learning programme for mental health professionals that will originally be offered in groups and progressively become tailored to each participant’s particular needs • An e-learning curriculum that will be available both through the e-training program as well as through self paced learning. • Two cycles of e-training that will take place in four months each and will be based on synchronous participation and interactive sessions •An on line validation tool that will assess trainees' knowledge and understanding on the training topics and will motivate them to study/participate in the training activities or follow self paced learning based on their identified matching learning pathways by the tool • Knowledge flow based on mentoring activities • A pairing of health professionals and experts will take place in the second phase of the project when a “matching” mentor will be allocated to a subset of the original trainees based on particular needs and goal set in the course of the e-training .



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