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TRaining for Unique Skills and Techniques for MEntoring
Date du début: 1 nov. 2015, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

European strategy papers (e.g. Small Business Act Review, 2011) and activities (e.g. EC University Business Fora) pointed out the need for pro-active policies to drive economic growth through SME development. Budapest Business School has managed a good number of bilateral and European projects in order to develop curricula for acting SMEs and would-be SME students. The pedagogical approach of these curricula varies on a rich scale according to the available trainer competencies and the methodologies acceptable by the entrepreneurs. Now the experience of projects like ENELFA, ADAPTYKES and already INSIST confirms that in order to access SMEs mentoring is increasingly seen as a more effective methodology than training. Pure trainings don’t prove to be sufficient enough and the SMEs prefer largely the mentoring solution to trainings confined to classroom. Now, the partners realised that if they wish to remain protagonist in entrepreneurship education of their country the passage from trainings to mentoring is an unavoidable change of profile. So this project aims at the development of mentor trainings using e-learning techniques developed in ENELFA project and to be adapted to these specific trainings in this one. These trainings will be piloted in several regional centres of the participating countries in cooperation with non-university partners and give, in this way, the basis of national SME mentor networks. These outcomes multipliable in other regions and countries will give birth to more robust mentor network development projects.



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