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Training for Trainers in Human Rights Education
Date du début: 4 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 3 juil. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

From the experiences of HREYN members in various projects during the last year has emerged the intent to reflect upon human rights education methodologies in order to meet today's HRE challenges. Such analysis is necessary as a basis on which a process of broadening methodologies, methods and techniques could begin. With Europe heading towards a more multicultural society, facing great social transformations, highlight the fundamental role of human rights in today society is still central and urgent. This project aims at enriching the professional tool-box of the HRE and allow trainers to improve their competences in managing and leading the learning process of participants when tackling the complex topic of human rights. Proposed training's main goal is to offer an opportunity to reflect on existing professional competences and experiment new techniques focused on the emotional, cognitive and physical dimensions of the learning process, which could enforce the human rights education's practices.This training moves from a holistic framework in order to offer to its 25 participants involved in human rights promotion, education and youth work the opportunity to develop from a critical discerning of their own professional approach an understanding of the latest methods and experiences in tackling social issues through artistic means (eg. drama based techniques) which could be used in HRE.The training will combine activities belonging to the non-formal education frame and the "experience - feel- reflect" learning approach (COMPASS) with drama based tecniques. Name games, individual reflections, walks outdoor, small group workshop, group dynimic analysis, simulation exercises, reflection groups, relaxing techniques, discussions in plenary, improvisation games and role games will be used in order to develop participants’ attitudes, skills and competences in HRE and promote - within a holistic approach to the learning process - a reflection upon nowadays methodological challenges and possible new educational sythesis in human rights education. Considering the social and cultural transformations the European Union is facing and how the latest humanitarian crisis have strikingly influenced the public and private dimensions of european citizens, the role of human rights education in promoting tolerant attitude and respect is crucial: a revision of existing practices and a broadening of the educational horizons, through the inclusión of new methods and techniques, would enable an improvement of the human right education fundamental impact.

7 Participants partenaires