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Training for Mental Health promotion

This project aims to equip teachers, HR professionals and care workers to understand the factors that are critical to life span mental health maintenance and promotion in schools, workplaces and older people’s services and to initiate, implement and monitor policy and programme development within their organisations. This requires:1. An understanding of the distinction between mental health and mental illness2. An appreciation of the importance of MHP as a strategy for improved quality of life3. The project management knowledge and skills to implement organisational change projects4. A repertoire of resources to create and support mentally healthy environments5. An insight into setting specific mental health promotion needs, challenges and responsesThe partnership was made up of organisations expert in the field of mental health promotion and service development. Drawn from the currently running ProMenPol project, they comprised of two partners who are expert in the workplace setting (WRC and BAUA), two who are expert in the older people’s homes setting (FRK, THL) and one who is expert in mental health promotion in schools (ERSI). The partnership was completed by a web/e-learning company (e-Worx) and by an employers’ representative organisation (IBEC). All of the partners were members of the ProMenPol consortium and many worked together before on other projects, most notably the LDV sponsored Reintegrate project.



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