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TRAining for ELEctric Vehicles
Date du début: 1 oct. 2011,

Europe's commitment to the quest for alternative means of transport is evident (Kyoto protocol, PPP Green Cars Initiative) and, consistent with this involvement, it is promoting the development of electric vehicles in the European continent.Practically all the countries of the E.U. are implementing policies to support electric vehicles, with the advantages this entails. It is well-known that the appearance of a new technology requires the training of the people, such as technicians and engineers; as well as the professionals who would be involved in the setting up of the new businesses which would feed the implementation of electric vehicles and which would spring up around this new business opportunity.Nevertheless, it is still necessary to have a standardized program at the European level capable of a comprehensive response to these needs. For this reason it is necessary to identify the new training needs of each area and decide on the means needed to satisfy them. That is why our proposal centres on the development of a training programme focusing on the professional profile of electronics technicians for the maintenance and repair of electric vehicles (EV) and charging stations (CS).Thus, the proposal responds to a present-day, new and pressing demand from industry –and society as final target- that VET systems have to meet. For this purpose, the work plan has been designed as an holistic approach, comprising:-Design of a professional profile, according to EQF, and a training program, according to ECVET-Development of e-learning platform, e-course and hands-on exercise for testing purposes-Case studies-Creation of cluster-Final SeminarThus, the design of a comprehensive, international and standardized training program in this topic will improve and update VET systems, industrial and R&D companies in this industry will count on qualified workforce and employees and the unemployed will have the opportunity to afford these new employment opportunities.



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