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Training Course "Entrepreneurship Cocktail"
Date du début: 1 janv. 2013,

The Training Course “Entrepreneurship cocktail” aims to explore the concept of social entrepreneurship as an innovative way to address social problems through entrepreneurial empowerment of young people. In times when the governments and business sector don’t have enough capacity to satisfy societal needs, the project will spread the idea that social entrepreneurs can be the change agents for society, improving systems, inventing new approaches, and persuading society to take new leaps for the better. The project will deal with the concept of social entrepreneurship in general with specific focus on the entrepreneurial skills, need and problem analysis, leadership and management, funding, all being explored in the context of youth organizations and volunteering. The participants will have space to tackle major social issues and offer new ideas for wide-scale change. In this way, the training course will serve as a platform for learning how to build a better world in a healthy and sustainable environment using youth initiatives and social entrepreneurship.During the training course participants will be exposed to workshops, simulation games, open space technology, debates, as well as intercultural games, thus being able to benefit from the exchange of experiences and interactive learning. Trained and self-confident young people will carry out ideas, projects and initiatives to their local communities and will become local change makers and role models for their neighbours in solving social issues.The training will last 6 working days and will be organized in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova having on board 30 young leaders coming from 10 organizations from rural and urban areas.



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  • Youth\Youth in action (2007-2013)\Youth in the World\Cooperation with neighbouring partner countries
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