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Training, Communicating, Networking, Motivating
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Training, Communicating, Networking, Motivating- TCNM " is a project that aims to tackle the theme of training and adult education in the setting of non-formal education across Europe. TCNM answers the needs of 23 scout organizations that would like to develop their youth worker training scheme and learn about new tools and techniques used for the education of youth workers. The project will bring together 48 participants from 21 European countries, with experience in this field, and 6 experts, plus a number of external speakers to share their experience and learn together. The project aims to gather Scouts organisations from all over Europe that are having similar needs in order to share best practices and be trained on new tools and methodology existing in youth work and training area. They will be able to share experiences and learn from each other in an international environment, supported by experienced facilitators. During the four days of the event, the participants will follow one of the two “learning tracks” that cover two different topics:"the Life of a Volunteer" - which is linked to management of volunteers, validation of their Non-Formal learning and the certification of trainings delivered in scouting"Training Scheme and Methods"- which is purely focused on Training Methods and system.The objectives of the TCNM come as an answer to the needs identified through previous consultations of National Scout Associations:Support participants to understand new trends and their impact, and explore ways to react to themEnsure an optimal environment to share best practices and reflect on different topics related to training such as: development of new training systems and their implementation; quality of training; possibilities of cooperation at European levelInspire participants on the implementation of innovative methodsCollect data to compare training provision for adult volunteers in Scouting (and Guiding);Stimulate the participants to reflect on the needs of their organizations related to volunteers support and youth leaders’ training and then possibly to take actions to review strategies and approaches;Inform and promote the use of European funding opportunities and other European material for training such as Training KitsThe profile of the participants is that of youth workers and scout leaders who are holding key positions in their sending organizations in relation to training and adult education at national level. The participant profile agreed upon by the partners ensures the dissemination of the project results in the sending organizations. This will hopefully affect in a positive way the training schemes and programmes offered across Europe to the adult members of these organizations. Two activities are included in the project timeline: one Training Meeting for the facilitators and the TCNM seminar (which is also the main activity of the project). Both activities will take place in Westernohe National Scout Centre Deutsche Pfadfinderschaft Sankt Georg, Germany, the seminar being held between 26-29 May 2016. Focusing on quality of youth workers training and design and implementation of training systems, the seminar will use non formal education methods such as: team-tasks, workshops, case studies, peer to peer learning, audio-visual presentations, a resource center, educational games, role-play and others to reach its objectives. The foreseen results and outcomes the project cover the following: strong knowledge sharing between scouting organizations across Europe, recognition and validation of non-formal learning, introduction of new methods and tools in respect to the adult training field (e-learning, long-distance learning), increased quality in adult training, joint follow-up projects on development of training and adult education between partner organizations.



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