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Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

FOR THE STUDENTS ´ TRAINING PRACTICESThe goal of the project is to bring the professional world closer to vocational students and to enable their integration into the working world in the European Union. The Meka Vocational School project will send 15 students to Europe to complete their Work Center Training from different vocational programs: Nursing Assistants, Geriatric and Dependent Care, Business Administration, Bodywork, Automobile Electromechanics, Machinery Electromechanics, and Welding.The activities that will be completed in the host country´s work centers will be determined between the tutor of the educational center and the company instructor. In any case, these activities will correspond with the professional needs of the program that is being studied. Before beginning these activities, the students will have completed training practices by means of theory classes as well as practical experience in the workshop of the educational center. They will have completed their training with participative methodology and the completion of small projects which aim to include the knowledge imparted through different subjects. These students will also receive English classes in the educational center, with the goal of reinforcing their knowledge and thus facilitating their integration into the host country.The expected results can be divided into the following categories:1. - On a professional level, the student will acquire work habits which are different than those adopted in their normal environment.2. - On a personal level, the student will learn about other cultures, languages, and customs, gaining a rich experience.3. - Meka Vocational School will be able to compare the training that it offers to its students with training offered abroad, and share that training with citizens of Elgoibar.FOR THE STAFF MOBILITY PROJECT2 members of the staff team of the nursing Care department will take part in this project.Our intention with this project (ICEUVET)is to find new references, exchanging ideas and new ways of working and taking a close look at the organizational and operational aspects.In order to do this, the partner of the Swedish center (Aranäsgymnasiet) will organize the workshops, conferences, meetings and visits to thclassrooms and workshops in the Nursing care field.It is about creating different directions for improving educational activities that will benefit our surroundings, providing solutions to the demands of students, companies and, ultimately, to the whole of society.5 members of the department (services to the community) take part in the project in Finland. the objective is to make job-shadowing visits to the schools in Yliviesca.7 teachers in the business administration department will participate in this project that intends to deepen and share new teaching methodologiIn the same way, for the 3 projects,we are looking for the interaction between different European centers in order to cooperate in finding new ways of acting,facing the same problems and sharing experiences to take advance of the effort for the benefit of the community.These projects expanded to more schools aims to renew the drive representing other ways to work in Vocational Training, recognizing good practices, assessing our progress and capturing ideas to address common challenges.The projects aims to understand the best practices that may be using other schools at a European level and then integrate them into the management of our centers and the teaching practice, therefore, to obtain a training in continuous improvement that relies on academic excellence.The main result to be obtained is to achieve Vocational Training of quality that nourishes from the surrounding environment in order to serve as a link between the different sectors of society satisfying the needs of them.In addition to the above results, this project seeks to achieve a number of more intangible results, but no less important , as an effective collaboration between the European Vocational training or cooperation and transfer of knowledge and innovative experiences.The foreseen assessment of the projects will be undertaken by records of the working groups meeting in Sweden, Finland and Estonia in order to set the deviation between the objectives and the achievements.The planned dissemination of the experience and the results will be held in each of the websites of the participating centers and in the common MOODLE platform.The local and regional radio stations and other media who want to echo the activities in these projects,will be informed about the obtained results and more specifically the organization of the meeting in the three countries shall also be communicated.Furthermore, the coordinator of the project team will prepare a final report in electronic format and on paper, which will be disclosed among the different components of the educational community as well as the socioeconomic environment of the center .



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