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Trainers and Employability
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The training TRAINER AND EMPLOYABILITY aims to use one's full potential as a trainer in a sustainable manner for the benefit of the society and oneself. In other words, the training will support participants' development in different areas as a trainer (person of a trainer, group process, programme dramaturgy) as well as his/her ability to find or create job opportunities as a trainer/youth worker. By this, the trainer will be able to finance his own living, while practicing and improving his/her skills and thus providing better services for his clients - the youth, schools, NGO's and others. We expect 20 participants and 4 trainers in total, from Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Czech Republic, The Netherlands and Slovakia. Welcomed are people who are active in the field of youth work, willing to improve their trainership skills and create programmes and activities on their own, able to work in simple English. Activities that we plan to use are based on experiential learning methodology, that means all the theory involved is supported by experience and further applying of the new knowledge in practice. Because of this, we work with short lectures, connected activities to practices, as well as outdoor and indoor group activities, personal learning plans, individual work and lecturres by invited experts. One of the most visible oucomes of the training will be personal career portfolios that participants will take home with them after the training. By the process of creating them, participants will learn to accept, appreciate and "sell" their skills and competences as trainers and thus, become more succesful on the labor market. Ideally, the results of the project would be more quality trainers available where needed - in schools, NGO's, companies, youth work, growing in their profession, able to make their living by doing what they are good at (and thus avoiding burn-outs and ending up in completely different positions that even less skilled employees could do). In this way everyone would benefit - the trainers/youth workers, the organisations that employe them and the society to which the organisations provide their services.



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