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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project is aimed to eight students of intermediate training vocational cycles Administrative Management speciality, mostly, and also Garden & Florist. The age of students at the time of this mobility will be 18 years.The project is requested for a single activity: Students for internships in companies.This project comes after detecting needs of both companies and students:- Companies request for a foreign language, mainly English, as a condition to select candidates for a job.- It is increasingly common that the company has international trade relations in Spain.- Students gain knowledge of English in their curriculum, but lack proper technical vocabulary of their professional expertise to meet the needs of businesses.- In the labor market, at present, we must be prepared for mobility due to needs of the company or to lack of work demand in the country.The placements are already in the curriculum of the students and they must do 350 hours. To obtain the title must overcome with success this internship. To evaluate it we use a computer program in which the student must record day by day the work he is doing in the company. Both the tutor of the Institute, as the company appointed tutor can check the information entered by the student, which is evaluated by the company monthly.At the end of practice, in addition to evaluate the professional skills, personal attitudes in the workplace are also evaluated.This program is also suitable for placement abroad and would be the tool to be used in this case.With this project, the following results are expected:- Improve the profile of students to go into the working market.- Increase the know lodgment on the English language at social and professional level.- Ability to adapt to different social and work environments to himself: adaptation to mobility.- Complete the acquisition of the professional skills of his studies in a different environment than usual.This project will also bring benefits to our institution as it would improve the quality and internationalization be incorporated into vocational training.Carrying out this project will give us the opportunity to continue the relationship with our partner in future years, as his profile is suitable for this type of project, giving more opportunities for our students.



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