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Train to Work
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

TRAIN TO WORK (T2W) is a project proposal of five European VET-institutes (Business VET-institutes from Finland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Sweden and Turkey. The group shares the same European wide challenge and a need to adapt a new, work-based-learning approach in VET. In many, if not every, European country the VET as a training system is under a major change. This project aims for tackling that change and having a positive impact on performance of participating VET-institute. The project stands for promoting work-based learning where the learner may proceed in studies by individual rails. Project aims for processing and creating a model how to organize individual learning pathways at work/practical placements and in simulated environments. T2W focus to examine and develop models for individual work-based-learning pathways in business VET-studies. Therefore essential objective is to develop high quality and flexible work- based training in which the school studies are integrated to work and for trainees individual needs. Created models aim to increase labour market relevance of VET by developing and using innovative transversal methods between world of work and VET-schools. Chosen objectives merge together for the main objective of the project. Our main output is to produce a Handbook of organising individual learning pathways in work-based-learning. Handbook is tailored to each participant's needs. To be able to create such guidebook, T2W will conduct first a field reseach to find out the prevailing situtation of the partner and future possibilities in work-based-learning. Second we will organise a pilot to test the usability of the model and modify it according to our experiences. Leaners and staff from each partner are engaged essentially to project tasks in their schools and in workshops in four transnational meetings of the project. Our Handbook, results and project documents are open and avalable to all without any limitations. Outputs can be delivered and uploaded on-line. from T2W website. T2W emphasizes open and wide dissemination. T2W 's direct target groups are teachers, trainers at work and learners of each participating institute which will have a long term impact on their practices and performance. Indirectly it benefits widely local actors in world-of work, other VET-units, employment and education authorities and other secondary schools. Impact is local, national and in EU-level.



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