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Train the Brain through Game
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The present project proposal is created in the context of an insufficiency of opportunities for acquiring a professional qualification and experience. A large number of young people don't know which career path to follow; don't work or study; or if they do study, they don't see any point in working in the field that they have specialised in. What's more, nowadays we're predisposed to forming a consumerist frame of mind and to lead a rather sedentary way of life. In an effort to limit the effects of these tendencies, we give an opportunity to 12 volunteers from Armenia, Italy, Spain and Turkey to adopt good practices in their lives and to use them as a basis for professional development. Every participant would spend 3 months in an intensive training, conducted by our instructors, in Plovdiv. Each volunteer would take up 2 from 4 possible trainings. The choice is among sports yoga, martial arts, mind games, carnival and performing arts. After the training ends, the volunteers would be split into 3 groups, every one of which would spend 1,5 months in every one of the 3 cities: Sofia, Plovdiv and Veliko Tarnovo. In every city, the volunteers, with the help of our instructors, would gather Bulgarian students from local schools and orphanages to form training groups. The volunteers would share what they have learned with the youngsters and in this way they would gain experience as teachers. They would also promote the methods of informal education to which they would be introduced during their training. Carrying out the main activities of training and teaching, moving to different cities and staying in a foreign country for 8 months, the volunteers would acquire key competences (social, linguistic and technical). Thus, the participants would be well-prepared for the world of work. At the same time, the volunteers, as well as the Bulgarian students will gain a positive attitude towards a lifestyle which is active and healthy. We hope that they would adopt the sports practices in their everyday life. The selection of volunteers would be carried out without any discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, nationality, religion or gender. What’s more, we would welcome volunteers with economic or geographical obstacles. Our aim is to create an atmosphere of equity and expect that as a result from their mutual work and communication, the volunteers would develop tolerance towards their differences. We would also include youngsters from orphanages in the three cities. In this way, we would provide more opportunities for personal and professional development for these young people. We hope we would motivate them to continue to lead an active lifestyle. As a whole, we expect over 350 Bulgarian youngsters to take part in the trainings, which would be conducted by the volunteers. We hope that our mutual work with the volunteers would continue, as the qualification “Assistant Instructor” (the qualification which the volunteers would acquire) is the first level in the structure of our organization. Also, we expect strong cooperation from our partner organisations during the realisation of the project and in disseminating the results from it. With the purpose of extending the influence of the project and disseminating the results from it, we plan to organize presentations in our sports halls and in universities in the three cities. During them, the volunteers would share their experience gained through the project. They would also introduce the Bulgarian students to the opportunities which the programme “Erasmus+” gives and the main activities carried out in our organization. We hope that the students will be motivated to take part in volunteering and to explore more opportunities for future personal and professional development.



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