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TRAILER: Short films, youth messages!
Date du début: 15 juil. 2015, Date de fin: 15 nov. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Youth Exchange “TRAILER: Short films, youth messages!” will promote the values of solidarity, mutual understanding and European citizenship through Non Formal Education (NFE) methodologies. Using ICT as the main tool, we will stimulate young people's artistic spirit, imagination and entrepreneurship, encouraging participants' creativity through a challenging week where they will learn more about cinema and other multimedia tools. This project will be developed by 4 Program countries (Portugal, Hungary, Spain and Denmark) and will take place in Amarante (Portugal) during 10 days, from 07/09/2015 till 16/09/2015. It will gather in a balanced way (gender and countries) 20 participants (5 per country), aged between 18-25, and 4 youth leaders (1 per partner). It ill also have a Advanced Planning Visit with all youth leaders from 12th till 15th August 2015 (travel days included) in Amarante. The main objectives are: foster the values of solidarity and mutual understanding between young people from different cultures; develop creativity and sense of initiative in non-formal artistic contexts; raise awareness/involve the local community by promoting active participation, intercultural learning and citizenship; raise the spirit of cooperation among youngsters and between them and the community. Main activities and methods: during the Youth Exchange participants will develop several activities that will make them understand the differences and similarities between young people that live in Europe. We will use the methodology of NFE and some activities of COMPASS (human rights education) in order to raise the discussion and reflection on topics connected with the theme of the European Short Films Amarante 2015 (a festival that promotes Europe and its values through the creativity of young people that create/make short movies and apply to this contest). The participants of this Activity will learn about cinema and multimedia attending workshops and master classes organized by local and national experts and will also be part of the organization of the Festival in the end of the week. Besides this main core activities of the project, the participants will have the opportunity to visit some touristic spots of north of Portugal. We will create an interesting and cooperative environment to pass the thematic values of this Youth Exchange and to bring young people together, sharing and knowing each other better. Results and impact: we expect with this Activity to create a new attitude and citizenship of young people towards ICT tools (such as short movies and other multimedia) and the support to local non profit events and institutions (like the European Short Films Amarante). In this way young people can understand their role in society and use NFE methodologies (such as ICT tools: cinema and other multimedia) to drive their own ideas, social needs and values to raise among community. The impact that this project seeks to create both in the participants and in the local community is great as cinema is considered one of the most important art for expressing the differences and messages of specific topics/themes/groups/etc., as well as the methods used (NFE activities, ICT tools such as cinema and other multimedia, visits, simulations and outdoor activities, etc.) that allows a great interaction within the group of participants and the community. This approach encourages youngsters to be more innovative/creative, thus transforming their way of thinking and perceiving reality, passing it to the community.



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