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TRaditions and Education as A Sharing of cultURES around water
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project includes three schools from Trebon in the Czech Republic, Skjervoy in Norway and Guerande in France. Each school has 20 pupils directly involved in the exchanges (mobility). Altogether there are 60 pupils from France, 60 from the ČR and 40 from Norway, preparing and realising the project. The project aims at comparing (processing) the cultural and natural wealth linked with water, typical of the respective region. The thematic content of this project has been enlarged, thus more students can be involved. The main impulse for the project came from pupils interested in project activities of the school. The school looked for possibilities of a further international cooperation. The representatives of the institution took part in the National Agency’s seminars, where they obtained information on the transformation of the current programmes. The concrete objective is to process the obtained materials from certain areas (cultural and natural wealth, and the wealth of folk literature) as a printed publication and a DVD. All outputs will be published in the project language. The most essential objectives include opening up to new cultures and traditions and communicating in English for the future career. Our project work aims at supporting the national awareness within Europe and at the sustainable landscape development. We will also meet a number of secondary objectives, raise motivation to study foreign languages, meet and establish contacts with the students of the partner schools, use IT, share experience, support the pupils’ interest in European language programmes, link foreign language tuition and that of specialised subjects at international levels, involve students in the project work by eTwinning. The project activities are especially: vocabulary seminar, project team assembly, communication with the local government (if possible), selecting “regional treasures”, photography and video course, recording video, editing the video, compiling and editing the brochure, creating texts and commentaries, preparation of guided tours for visitors, photographic documentation, preparation of the exhibition. The project output will be the brochure; each school will prepare the highlights of its region, with a text and photos. This will concern the natural and cultural wealth linked with water. The brochure will contain a traditional story related to the respective place. The highlights of the region will be presented to the partners within the exchanges. The brochure will also serve as a tuition material. Each participating school is responsible for the content part and its translation. Another visible output will be the DVD; it will contain three short films presenting the respective region including the school. The second part will consist of a photo gallery of the individual regions, and the third will contain photo galleries from mobilities and exhibitions.



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