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Traditional sports with non-formal education
Date du début: 1 août 2014, Date de fin: 28 févr. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our training course project “Traditional Sports with Non-formal Education” was addressed to the employability of disadvantaged young people according to their interests and needs in appropriate areas and needs of a higher quality and healthy lifestyle. The participants attained knowledge and skills for the needs set out in the project, youth and public awareness was created. The Project contributed to promote employment and social inclusion issues at the European level. The aim was to support young people's participation in democratic life and active citizenship. Intercultural learning, learning of non-formal education techniques and ensuring the creation of professional experiences with the use of the sports field were among the purposes of the project. Project partner organizations formed a European network -relevant to the theme of the project- which increased their institutional capacity and developed new collaborations. Our project also aimed to contribute to the objectives laid down in the Europe 2020 strategy. The Participation of disadvantaged young people working in the field of traditional sports, young amateur athletes, trainers and teachers, youth workers and volunteers was planned. To fit this profile many of the participants consisted of young people in the age range of 18-27. Young people was supported by participation of experts, facilitators and experienced youth directors. Thus, a two-way learning process between young people and educators was provided. Total number of participants of the training course was 23 people. The project included planned and coordinated activity groups. Non-formal education methods and processes was used, participants were actively involved in the activities. Activities were provided in support of the expert and the facilitator from different countries The Project began with the preparation activities of partner organizations and participants. Project activities focused on traditional sports, non-formal education techniques using in sports training, inclusion of disadvantaged young people through sport and sport for everyone subjects. Notifications according to this topic, sharing experiences, presentations and workshops were held. Traditional sports and related skill activities on healthy lifestyle were also included in the project. Our project contributed to recognition of traditional sports and their common European origin. European traditional sports network that was created; information and presentation; feast of local traditional sports and activities to be done with local stakeholders of the project partners, improved the impact of the project. With these activities the project provided a local regional and European level impact. Project partners moved along with participants in the planning of new projects and collaborations. Our training and networking project which was in the field of mobility project for young people and youth workers (includes the participation of partner countries) was prepared by a partnership of organizations from Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Italy and France. The project was implemented on 14th-21st January 2015 within 7 working days.



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