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Towards Intelligent Micro-Bearings – Tribological Aspects (IMBeing) (IMBeing)
Date du début: 2 janv. 2014, Date de fin: 1 janv. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This proposal intends to deliver a basement for networking, staff exchanging and joint seminars and workshop between partners, who all deal with the problem of tribology aspects of micro-bearings including friction and lubrication of micro-pairs and friction of micro-joints in conical, spherical, cylindrical, parabolic and hyperbolical micro-bearings. The aim is shaping a focus group for further cooperation and joint scientific researches in the mentioned field.Microbearings are used today in different fields: bioengineering and biotechnology, industrial Micro Elements and Micro Systems (MEMS), Micro Power Units (MPU) and Micro Engines (ME), control systems and actuators and many others. Moreover, there are numerous analogies between bio-bearings (for example knees) and micro-bearings in their hydrodynamic behavior, lubrication processes and tribological aspects.Development of nanoscience and application of nanotechnology enabled the researchers to understand these properties better and deeper. However, still there are many unanswered questions regarding behavior and properties of these contact surfaces. More important is, of course, control of these features by an active method, as these physical parts are very small with very low time constants and conventional control systems are not able to satisfy the requirements like stability and quality of their response.The program includes staffs exchanging between partners from EU and TC based on an almost equal scheme, joint seminars and workshops, as well as final presentations for each period of Exchange.



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