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Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In the quest for continuous improvement in methodology and organization and facing the prospect of a widespread bilingual program in future years, we have made an analysis of the educational needs of our students and the training needs of teachers. After that, our school has decided to request a KA1 Erasmus+ project entitled "Towards a Plurilingual School". The ultimate goal of this project is to strengthen a set of actions for improving and promoting both teacher’s training quality and innovation together with the acquisition of more effective teaching methods. It will also reinforce links with professional communities across the European Union through a closer inter collaboration, promotion of foreign languages acquisition and development of constant cultural exchanges. 1.- Project aims for our school: ● To increase training in English, French and German for teachers from different departments of the school. ● To share and watch work with teachers in target schools, observations in the various subjects taught. The main purpose is the acquisition of skills in linguistic communication, CLIL methodology and inclusive education to improve the management and organization of teaching and learning in the pursuit of high levels of efficiency and integration. ● To improve the professional skills of teachers participating in the life of a European school through observation and coordinated participation of teaching practice in the classroom, the study of accompanying measures for students or analyzing assessment procedures, guidance and school management. ● To develop intercultural and multidisciplinary joint educational projects in order to favour the enrichment of students and teachers. ● To consolidate international exchange projects and/or partnerships between the participating schools in order to spread them to other schools in a very near future. 2. Associated schools to the project: 2.1 . School of origin ● IES Santa Catalina de Alejandría in Jaén (Spain) is the requesting school of this project 2.2 . Target associated schools ● 2College Durendael, de Oisterwijk (Holland) ● Heinrich-Heine-Schule, Europaschule, Dreieich (Germany) ● “College Saint Exupery”, Saint-Jean-de-Braye (France) 2.3 Rights and obligations of each party 2.3.1. The applicant school of origin agrees to: ● To accept being a target school for our partners should they be interested in the future and request so. ● To plan and manage activities in target schools always asking for acceptance and agreement thereof. ● To create and manage an eTwinning project and share in the Twinspace documents and processed materials that may be of interest to members. ● To collaborate in the development of activities of teaching interest which teachers participating in mobility may perform at the target school. ● To certify the participating teachers for the training and activities organized through a model with European approval, such as Europass. 2.3.2. Target schools agree to: ● To collaborate in the organization of suggested training activities either during school hours or outside school hours, as appropriate, on the dates agreed by both schools. ● To appoint a school coordinator who will be responsible for the development of activities and communication with our school. ● To provide official documentation on the organization and school teaching practice which might be of interest to the visiting teachers. ● To promote the integration of their teachers in a collaborative training project, which will be created in the eTwinning platform. ● To certify the participating teachers for the training and activities organized through a model with European approval, such as Europass. 3.- Description of foreseen activities in target schools. These activities are mainly either linguistic or organizational. Observation periods of five or six teachers will be planned every school year, in order to study: ● management strategies, organization and functioning of the target school for the design of curricula, especially in the case of similar bilingual programs. ● methodologies used successfully in the target school, mainly those related to improve the teachers’ skills, both in regard to their specific area of teaching and in the used languages, within the frame of a multilingual teaching. 4.-Methodology and cooperation. ● Selected teachers will have a vocational school period in the target school between September 2015 and May 2017, inclusive. These stays will take between 5 and 10 school days in the target school. Dates will be agreed by the two involved schools, preferably during those periods when the Spanish school is not in session, in the months of June, July and September. ● eTwinning will be used together with the mobility project in order to get a constant and fruitful communication with the host institution. ● In addition, we will establish a communication plan through email and social networks.