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Towards a Nonviolent World 2016
Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 28 févr. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Background and participants. The applicant organisation (SVAG, The Netherlands) and the trainers involved in this proposal work in the Nonviolence and Conflict Resolution fields: their experiences made them realise the great need to promote a culture of peace among youth to help society to shift from a tradition of violence to new habits of understanding and inclusion. For these reason we are organising a Training Course to empower youth workers (trainers, facilitators, social workers, group leaders, teachers, activists, etc.), to learn methods and strategies on Nonviolence and Conflict Resolution in order to spread the world and facilitate young people on a path Toward a Nonviolent World. We aim at involving 26 participants who have no or basic notions on the topics.Objectives and methods. Participants will be offered the opportunity to reflect on the dichotomy violence/Nonviolence in their personal, interpersonal, and intercultural dimensions. With the help of non-formal learning methods (games, role plays, small group and plenary discussions, etc.) we will stimulate trainees to gain insights on their ways to cope with the kinds of violence they experience on themselves, with others, and in the relations within the wider society. Participants will learn new strategies to analyse conflicts and manage them, re-owning their responsibilities and the actual role they can play in their communities.Description of activities. We decided to hold the programme in London (Uk) because it is a country where there is much need to promote European projects; also, the multiculturality of the city offers many inputs for the discussion topics. The training course will be hosted in a venue that will develop participants’ sense of community: trainees will be asked to contribute actively to the implementation of the programme and the care of the premises. Activities will alternate theoretical inputs to practical exercises to enable all trainees with their various learning styles to feel engaged and committed and reach their full potential. Participants’ suggestions will be encouraged throughout the duration of the TC to enable a truly collaborative atmosphere.Results and impact. We foresee all participants to gain a better understanding of the mechanism of violence, to be able to deal with conflictual situations, to improve their competencies on non-formal learning methods, to become changing agents Towards a Nonviolent World within their organisations and communities. We will stimulate trainees to ideate new activities to be implemented in their own communities or through the networking they will develop during the days of exchange with the other participants. Longer term benefits. On a long term perspective we envisage participants to apply their newly gained, or improved competencies, to promote a culture of peace in their personal and professional lives. We expect them to become multiplicator factors in their peer communities, and in their organisations, feeding the need for peace that our societies are demanding with a louder and louder voice.



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