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Towards a fables company for the design of hybrid CMOS/magnetic digital circuits (DESHYMAG)
Date du début: 1 mars 2013, Date de fin: 28 févr. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This PoC project is closely coupled to the ERC Advanced Grant HYMAGINE. The purpose of this ERC is twofold : i) Develop a hybrid technology combining CMOS logic together with magnetic materials, in particular magnetic tunnel junctions non volatile cells, and conceive a few innovative architectures illustrating the outstanding potential of this approach; ii) Promote this hybrid technology in collaboration with ITRS and reduce the worldwide cultural gap between microelectronics (in particular designers) and magnetism communities.The benefits expected from this hybrid technology are: a higher processing power, a much reduced power consumption, high speed and on-the-fly reconfigurability, radiation hardness and tolerance to harsh environment, simpler design cycles, reduced footprint on the Si wafer and correlatively lower cost.In 2006, SPINTEC (the PI’s lab) launched a start-up company, Crocus Technology, aiming at developing and bringing the magnetic memory (MRAM) technology to production. Crocus Technology is a growing company now employing 65 people. It raised 75M$ in equity and 300M$ in 2011 to build a production line joint venture for MRAM..Having already successfully spun-off a start-up in the past (Crocus Technology), our objective through this ERC “Proof Of Concept” project, is to launch a new fables company aiming at conceiving and designing IPs (innovative designs) and products based on this hybrid CMOS/magnetic technology. This fables company will work in partnership with foundries (potentially Crocus Technology) to produce the chips.This start-up will be run and managed by a team of experienced researchers/engineers with experience and industrial background in magnetic and CMOS technologies.