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Tourism Research Innovation And Next Generation Learning Experience
Date du début: 1 nov. 2016, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2019 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Tourism Research Innovation And Next Generation Learning Experience (TRIANGLE) Programme is a response to a wide range of contemporary sustainability challenges and opportunities highlighted in the global SD Goals 2030 such as climate change and biodiversity loss facing European tourism stakeholders, in particular the need for sustainable consumption and production in the Europe’s Natura 2000 network, The project aims to build a European-wide knowledge alliance that will link research and higher education bodies to tourism sector SMEs through regional sustainability knowledge –based innovation training processes in European tourism protected area destinations. It will simplify and improve the way higher education and training institutions work with tourism SMEs to implement innovations that will improve environmental impacts, cut costs and speed up learning processes to enable TRIANGLE users to better compete in the global tourism market. The TRIANGLE outputs from the project include: 1. A European Sustainable Tourism Research and Monitoring Higher Education & Business Network focused on Europe’s protected areas 2. A collaborative tourism sustainability knowledge engine for specialist IT Applications production 3. European-wide Tourism Sustainable Development Open Educational Resource Kit 4. Placement and Internship system for up to 32 students per annum 5. An Interactive European Graduate Study Book on Sustainable Tourism Development 6. An online collaborative training room for partner organisations course delivery 7. Project dissemination material and events programme The programme will use key innovation and tourism business fairs to showcase and disseminate the results of its work to SMEs and destinations in other European countries, cementing the longevity and outreach of the programme in a European-wide country-based network of training institutes by 2019.



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