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Tourism Promotion for sustainable growth of agriculture in Cadses area (RURALTOUR)
Date du début: 31 mars 2006, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2007 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Two of the most important reasons why rural areas are missing the tourism-related revenues other regions achieve are the lack of promotion of rural areas environmental and cultural resources and the scarcity of qualified tourist accommodation infrastructures. A strategy to overcome such difficulties is to become aware of and link all potentials and resources of the respective regions, and to market and offer tourist services in a clear and comprehensive way. The RURALTOUR project promotes sustainable forms of rural tourism and increases existing revenue opportunities for rural areas by developing a rural tourism marketing strategy. The project partners will implement this strategy in the participating regions in Italy, Poland, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. In addition, a recognisable international network and brand will be developed to designate certified sustainable rural tourism initiatives in the project areas. Finally, tourism resources and initiatives of the participating areas will be promoted via the Internet and also by using e-learning technologies. Expected Results: Foreseen results of the project are among others to foster the local economic activities in the tourism sector. By offering new, and specifically rural tourism destinations the number of tourists should increase. Moreover, a general improvement of the skills and capacities of tourism operators is planned by offering a continuing education programme. A sustainable tourism marketing plan and a companions handbook will be developed to provide the project partners with details regarding the implementation of the marketing plan. The RURALTOUR project will develop a branding strategy, compile marketing and branding guidelines and establish a network providing each member with marketing materials such as brochures and maps.



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