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Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our project is KA1 learning mobility of 30 vocational school students between the ages of 15 and 18 in the departments of Food Beverage and Accommodation of Ali Güven Vocational and Technical Anatolia High School to the host schools in Italy and Spain. Those students did three weeks practice in EU standards hotels and restaurants by the coordination and guidance of the teachers of host schools in order to improve their vocational and personal skills, efficiencies, to complete their practical lacks, to increase their employability, self-confidences and self-expressions, to see the efficiencies and standards in EU countries in the field of tourism and to develop their foreign language skills. Six teachers of our school accompanied them. So by transferring innovative applications and methodologies it was helped to grow well-qualified and competitive intermediate staff in the local, regional and national tourism sectors. The students who could carry out their aims in the environment of people from other cultures and language want to go upper education and work abroad. Besides this it helped the girls to find jobs as much as boys, helped the unsocial and poor students to get involved socially and it prevented early dropouts according to the previous years. After graduation, the students, who will have better conditions than their families, are good examples to their peers or other younger students. We are expecting an increase the quality of students who choose our school to study. The project consists of sending totally 30 students and 6 teachers to three different organizations in Italy and Spain. Organizations are in Alba/Italy, Modena/ Italy and Seville/Spain. Each organization hosted 10 students and 2 teachers. Five students practiced at the restaurant and 5 students practiced in the hotel in each city. In each restaurant there were 2 kitchen students and 3 service students. In each hotel, 3 housekeepers and 2 receptionists practiced for two weeks. In each city 2 teachers accompanied to the students as one in the hotel and one in the restaurant. All the participative teachers and students were selected by announcing and interviewing individually. During the mobility, our students were coordinated by host organizations and helped to practice for three weeks. In the first week they did cultural visits and do sightseeing in each city. The students practiced as a group in the second week and individually in the last week. Students were evaluated weekly by the host organizations. On the other hand our teachers evaluated them daily. All the following, evaluation, daily attendance listing and reporting activities were done by host organizations. Before mobility, all the preparation facilities were implemented by school project development team. All the necessary documents such as tickets, insurance policies, permission documents, city maps, emergency call info were put in a plastic file. All the permission, passport and insurance processes were done by the coordination of school project team, students and families. After the mobility, for dissemination of good practice examples, the photo albums, brochures, short stories of students and teacher and project reports were shared in the web site of school and in the Facebook group called "tourism masters of future". At the end of the project we made a project introduction meeting to the teachers and principles from other vocational schools in our city. On the other hand an exhibition was set in the project introduction meeting. Tepebaşı District Governor and District National Education Director joined to the meeting and at the end of the meeting The Distrcict Governor gave the participation certificates to the students. At the end of the project, the School Quality Development Team and School Project Development Team applied some questionnaires to evaluate the project to participative teachers, students and families if it has reached to the expected result or not. In the results we saw that vocational and personal skills of the participative students increased and they started to the summer practice with high self confidence.



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