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Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our project is focused on strengthening the multicultural feeling of children at the age 6-15 years, in a period, when they shape their view of the world and its functioning, and the main aim is to engage in extracurricular education young volunteers from abroad who will allow them to expand the point of view of the world around us.European Voluntary Service will be implemented in primary schools in Havirov and Stare Mesto close Frydek-Mistek and Salesian Leisure Time Centre Don Bosco Ostrava. Although the project partner hosting organizations are schools, mainly dealing with the formal education of children, the main focus of volunteer activities will be primarily in extracurricular activities, the activities of clubs and organization of various events, where participating schools regularly use elements of non-formal education. All participating schools are community schools, they organize many activities involving local communities, and also organize many workshops, like leisure time centers. All schools are attended by children with fewer opportunities, children from different minorities, especially Roma children and handicapped children. Centre Don Bosco again extensively uses elements of non-formal education in all activities, focusing in particular on the operation of the Oratory - Open club for children and teenagers, where they lead children and young people to basic values, and the realization of the workshops, where children develop skills needed for life in the society.The main objective of the project is to enable young volunteers from abroad to gain experience in working with children with fewer opportunities through non-formal education. The project creates an opportunity to develop key competencies of young volunteers and improve their position in the labor market.Within the activity A1 EVS will be held from 15.08.2016 to 31.07.2017 in Havirov and Stare Mesto. The main activities that will be implemented by volunteers, mainly include implementation of sports and artistic activities within school clubs, helping with organizing various events for the local community, preparing small leisure time activities for children during school-breaks, presentation of their culture and language. Volunteers will also have the opportunity to run their own mini-project.As part A2, EVS in Salesian Leisure Centre Don Bosco Ostrava in the period 15.8.2016 - 31.7.2017. The main activities volunteers will be involved in, will be direct work with children and young people in the oratory - open club for children, helping workers in the program's Oratory in the streets with the target group of pre-schoolers, assistance in various workshops.Volunteers during their EVS develop first of all many comptencies, test their skills and learn how to overcome themselves in areas that they would not dare before EVS. They will gain experience in working with the target group of children, including those with fewer opportunities, Roma children and children with disabilities. Independent living abroad teaches them responsibility, independence and respect for the variability of others. Children, young people and also the general public - local community who will come into touch with volunteers, will be able to find out that their fear and stereotypes generated against foreigners are totally groundless. They will have an opportunity to gain anew point of view of life in another country, of a different culture, and they will also loose the barriers in communication in a foreign language. They will get the opportunity to try new activities together with volunteers. On the basis of good example of EVS volunteers they will be motivated to participate in this programme or in other European mobility in the future.



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