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Toplum Sağlığı Hemşireliğinde Gebe, Lohusa İzlemi Stajı
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Prepared by Siirt 75. Yıl Vocational and Technical High School, our project which will be carried out in 3 stages will be participated by 45 sophomores and seniors who study in nursing department. Within the topic "Pregnancy in Community Health Nursing, Observing and Education in Puerpera", our participants will be visiting Romania and Czech Republic in which all hospitals and health centers have advanced technology and standards. This way we aim for our students to observe different pregnancy and postpartum units in place. In line with the objectives of the Health Transformation Program in 2011, our country has been entered a period of restructuring and started to improve it's services in public heaths. In 2011, number of infant deaths was 14.600, as a result of this services in 2014 this number came down to 13.900 (TSI - 2014 Mortality Statistics). However, Siirt where our institution is located, this number was increased to 1.174 from 1.161 in 2014 and our city has become one of the top three cities where infant deaths are seen. (Turkey Statistical Institute, Regional Director of Diyarbakır, Salih Uras - 2014). One of the most obvious reasons of this problem is due to the lack of application experienced during pregnancy and puerpera. In normal conditions, from the beginning of pregnancy, every pregnant woman is being observed by a nurse at least for 6 times and by a doctor at least for once. Our main purposes of this project are to educate our students in "Pregnancy in Community Health Nursing, Observing and Education in Puerpera" which is also our topic of the project and has started being implemented by our country and to support the adjustment process of “Health Transformation” in EU Standards. In the frame of Observing Pregnancy and Puerpera Period, we aim to train our students with the programs that will be carried out in Romania and Czeck Republic in identifying negative effects due to pregnancy, prenatal general rules of hygiene, nutrition, psychological support and observing the development of fetus in uterus. Learning new techniques and improving basic skills are also expected results of the project in short and medium terms. Participants of this project will share their improved knowledge and experiences to other students who are studying nursing in other vocational schools located in Siirt Improving their professional skills and experiencing other cultures, they will be more comfortable about their field of studying and with this, as a result of the project, we aim to raise the awareness in infant deaths and lower the number of it both in local and regional.



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