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Tools for young entrepreneurs: Strategy Innovation and Motivation
Date du début: 3 août 2015, Date de fin: 2 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The current project was born because we observed the following tendency: young people are prepared to get a job. It is like a competition. But actually, when a youngster gets a job, some other young people of his age remain unemployed. Because it is all like in a game with only one winner. Therefore we came with the following idea: What if we train young people to develop their creativity and seize business opportunities in their environment so they can create a business and working places for them and other young people? Based on this, the current project main goal was to develop creativity and motivation in the young people to make them able to identify business opportunities and motivate them to put their ideas into practice. The project specific objectives were: 1. Develop participants ability to use strategy innovation process as a new way of linking creativity and strategic planning to discover new business opportunities. 2. Enhance on a long term the creativity and sense of initiative of the 24 participants of the youth exchange with the help of specific tools 3. Developing participants entrepreneurial competences and offer specific tools used in the field of entrepreneurship 4. To offer to the participants information about the opportunities for development and starting a business available at EU/ local level The project included 24 participants coming from Romania, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Cyprus and Greece and six group leaders, one from each country. The project involved as well young people with fewer opportunities, students and graduates. As a personal profile, many youngsters were interested in arts and linking business related topics with artists minds enhanced the sessions impact and led us to an excellent outcome of the exchange in terms of learning. All the sessions were created respecting the principles of nonformal education. The activities tackled topics related to creativity, team management, strategy innovation, business and entrepreneurship. The project had an impact on our participants at a personal and social level. All of them became more motivated and declared that they discovered entrepreneurship can be really cool. In the same time, the participants created long term friendships. In the project we have also organised a contest with the topic of entrepreneurship. The contest encouraged young people to think about their business idea. As part of the project there were organised 3 conferences in 3 cities of Romania in order to share the results and promote the opportunities young people can benefit at European level. The project team also created a brochure that presents how the project was organised, the activities and offers useful info to those wishing to put such a project in practice.



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