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Date du début: 1 août 2012, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2013 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Fukushima, on the 11th March 2011, triggered a widespread crisis of both confidence in the technical safety of nuclear systems and emotional concern, plunging the Western world into uncertainty!The Association FORM ENGELBERG strongly animated by its familiarity and expertise in the subjects of energy, environment and safety of technical systems, took the initiative on the 10th May 2011 to launch a high-level international conference in order to restore a climate of confidence.Independently of this decision, on the 28th June 2011, the European Union Council invited the European Commission to organize in 2013 a Symposium in Brussels: «involving a broad spectrum of stakeholders to the debate on the benefits and limitations of a low carbon economy» The results of the Conference ENERGY CHALLENGES 2012 will contribute to the preparation of this EU-2013 Symposium. Topics will cover a wide range of interest areas, including: risk governance and societal opinion, global strategies, energy efficiency, radioactive waste management, materials research, energy and mobility, strategic energy technology, and renewable energies, as well as education and training.The objectives of the ENERGY CHALLENGES 2012 conference are to answer questions such as:• Are there any technical or operational restrictions that would hinder the integration of nuclear energy into a system based on large and fluctuating supplies of renewable energy?• How will an energy system be affected by the extension of nuclear operating licences; economically and in terms of C02 emissions?• What are the macroeconomic costs of phasing out nuclear power and energy-political change?The Association FORUM ENGELBERG has 20 years of experience in organizing conferences on complex topics requiring a global and interdisciplinary scientific approach in order to support the political authorities to legislate.