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Tomorrow's Elastic, Adaptive Mobility (TEAM)
Date du début: 1 nov. 2012, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

TEAM aims at developing systems for participants in transportation networks, which help them to behave better – by explicitly taking into account the needs and constraints of other participants and the network itself. Focus will be placed upon decision-making in a time interval, above what is commonly associated with reactive safety (typically less than 5 seconds) and below long-term planning applications (typically 5 minutes and longer). In this interval human actors can employ modern technology to collaboratively devise socially optimal strategies. Thereby, we believe we will be able to reduce the social cost of traffic while increasing its efficiency and flexibility.The project is built around four basic themes:1. Basic technologies to realise collaborative mobility: We will advance communication technologies that underpin V2X by integrating LTE technologies, and by developing an automotive cloud-computing platform to support advanced and decentralised traffic management algorithms.2. Infrastructure-centric technologies and algorithms for elastic mobility: We will develop proactive infrastructure-centric algorithms and technologies to enable behavioural change in order to improve transportation networks in a way that takes into account real-time needs and constraints of all network users.3. Distributed technologies and algorithms to realise elastic mobility: We will develop proactive user-, community- and group-centric algorithms and technologies to achieve (and complement) the goals of theme 2. The vision is to use nomadic devices such as smart phones or on-board units to realise massively distributed collaborative control and optimisation concepts.4. Demonstration: The success of the project will be demonstrated via innovative leading-edge cooperative applications and a Europe-wide mobility experiment to illustrate the systems' benefits in a pan-European setting.



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