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Толерантност, култура и изкуство
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project “Tolerance, culture and art” is organized by the CULTURAL HOUSE “VAZRODENA ISKRA- 2000”. It is an youth exchange, with participating organizations from Bulgaria, Portugal, Spain, Slovenia, Hungary and Poland. Its main goal is to enhance the generation dialogue and tolerance (between youngsters and the elderly) by getting familiar with other cultures and participation in artistic activities. The project will take place in the town of Kazanlak, famous for its rich historical heritage from Ancient times and Thracian kings. Various activities will be carried out during the exchange. They will be focused particularly on the knowledge and skills which the young people participating in the project will gain through visits to social institutions for elderly people (Centre for elderly people no. 3) and for disabled children (Centre for disabled children). The project aims at overcoming the negative prejudices and discrimination of these people. By means of visiting these institutions and meeting the people in question, as well as through artistic and culture activities, the young people will be able to work more on solidarity and tolerance towards the elderly and the disabled people, which is based upon the values of the European society. In order to achieve this goal, some special methods will be employed as well as particular activities. The main activities will be the following: intercultural evenings, attending historical and cultural landmarks in the context of the project, interactive games, discussions on important topics, debates, music games for self-expression, creative activities for gaining new knowledge and skills in the field of art- drawing, modelling, exhibition with the participant’s works of art, etc. This will demonstrate the unifying power of the meeting with different traditions, the good team work and the activity of the youth in discussing European policies. Together, working in teams, we will search for solution to the aforementioned issues in a non-traditional way. 30 participants will take part in the project- 29 young people and 7 leaders. The activities will be carried out from 07.09. to 15.09 (departure day). 2015. We believe that the stereotypes and the cultural differences will be overcome through cultural and artistic work, and that the personal development of each participant will be postitively influenced by the project.



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