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Togetthere voluntary year in the Netherlands 2009-2010
Date du début: 1 juil. 2009,

The Togetthere voluntary year in the Netherlands provides (foreign) young people the opportunity to do 10 months of voluntary service at Dutch social, welfare and church-related host organisations. These organisations work for and with homeless people, drug addicts, mentally/physically handicapped people, terminally-ill people, people with psycho-social problems etc. They are located across the Netherlands, in cities (The Hague, Amsterdam, Arnhem) but also on the countryside (De Glind, Kollumerzwaag). Taking a stand against poverty and injustice by caring for those in need and/or with fewer opportunities is the central theme of the voluntary year programme. The objective of the Togetthere voluntary year is to challenge young people to work during their voluntary year on their - personal development (to meet there)- social development (to take care)- spiritual development (to be aware)- development with regard to society, the world (to be there)To support their development in these areas during the year, the volunteers are offered an extensive training & support programme. This includes a language training, three 5-day training seminars, a small group feedback structure, as well as a (work) supervisor at the host organisation and a mentor.In 2009-2010, approx. 25 young people will do a Togetthere voluntary year in the Netherlands. They come from Hungary, France, Germany, the Ukraine, Slovakia, the UK and the Netherlands. The volunteer group also includes Roma volunteers. 19 of the volunteers will be EVS. The other volunteers will be German conscientious objectors and Dutch volunteers. The project combines individual and group EVS.



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