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"Together ... with hands on"
Date du début: 1 mars 2012,

This epa International Youth Exchange will bring together 60 young people with youth workers from Lisbon (PT) Hamburg (DE), Liverpool (UK), Ljubljana (SI), Málaga (ES), Bratislava (SK) and Palermo (IT) for two weeks in July/August 2012 in Lisbon and Gois-Gouveia (Portugal). epa coordinates the project.The theme is "Together … and hands on!" young people with fewer opportunities looking at how they can work together and practice citizenship, exploring work opportunities through the "new" ecological developments.Over 14 days the young people will present their projects and communities, learn about life in Portugal, present their prepared workshops on the theme, share intercultural insights from their countries and communities, participate in intercultural evenings and self cooked meals, visit places of historical and cultural interest, participate in a "Structured dialogue" meeting with local and European politicians and enjoy social interaction with young people from at least 12 nationalities / ethnic backgrounds.The objectives/outcomes will be: increased self confidence, awareness of other European cultures and a knowledge of good citizenship and ways young people with fewer opportunities can seek work/employment opportunities within the alternative energy sector.The programme methodology will be daily plenary meetings with playful energizers, workshops on the theme, small group discussions, meetings with youth initiatives and celebrating intercultural community activities. Mid way evaluation, final evaluation, comments, looking forward and future networking.



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