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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

'' Together we learn , united we stand '' is the title of two year multilateral school partnership between six partner schools . Based on the Turkish programs '' From Starting to Now Turkish History '' , '' Turkey ' s Social and Cultural History '' which are explored by the Turkish History Instituon , we start the development of historical , economical and sustainable school living space . With pupils from the six partner countries being at the focus of the project , teachers will help to develop concrete measures to transform each partner school into respectfully historically , socially and economically sustainable place for all participants . The mutual goal is the implementation of these measures by all partner schools with the possible option of finally being certified '' keeper the world's heritage alive school '' . This multilateral school partnership enables us to analyse the different attitudes and implementations with regard to protecting the history , our heritage , in the participating countries and to develop towards a sustainable society . Which standards are there with respect to historical protection and sustainability in Europe ? How can pupils and teachers save these historical monuments ? How can we , as a world's citizens all together , keep alive our heritage ? How can historical damage be separated or rather avoided completely ? Which offers are there with regard to historically thinking in the partner schools ? How can this be improved ? Which ideas can be taken over from the partner countries and how can we put them to good use ? There will not only be theoretical considerations on how to change the living space '' school '' , but these measures should be realised and evaluated . One major goal of the project is to present visible results of historical thinking way and sustainable change of the living space , which can be experienced by all stake holders . Learning by doing will be predominant as the interaction and communication between pupils and teachers from six different countries of the EU . The EU and European cooperation will be visible and alive - a very valuable asset when working with pupils from six different countries . Young people especially need and demand concrete possibilities to take action , concrete results and concrete experiences to understand the slogan '' We work for a sustainable world '' . All topics will be dealt with in pupil orientated workshops , designed and held by the pupils themselves thus , fostering their creativity and their self - esteem . '' The individual matters - your opinion is important to us '' - this is motto of the workshops , regardless whether it is a workshop covering history , historical photography , sports or designing of website , an e - diary or a questionnaire for project evaluation , re - designing old historical monument . The own activity and entrepreneural competence of pupils should be supported in order to improve their chances for a future career . In order to achieve these goals , there will be workshops , which are focused on the pupils , enabling them to contribute ideas and put them to good use . Fostering their social and their language competence aims at preparing the pupils as much as possible for their future career . The six partner countries have determined that the pupils will accommodated by host families of the partner country , thus getting to know the culture of the country and its people better . In addition , they can improve their foreign language skills in English . A further important aim of the project is the mobility of many pupils who have never left their home countries before . As many pupils as possible should be given the chance for mobility , especially those who owing to financial difficulties , have never had a chance to go abroad . This will have a long lasting positive effect on their European awareness . '' We are Europe '' will then no longer be just a slogan but will have become reality for many pupils from six different countries .



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