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Together We Can
Date du début: 1 nov. 2016, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Organisations working in the field of Education and Training for hearing impaired people, make all the same constat of unemployment and less activity of hearing impaired people. Our organisations have set up services and tools for the support and the access to employment and to vocational training. We wish to exchange with other european countries on this theme for the following objectives : - To know the different modalities of support of deaf persons, from the stage to preparation to the choice of vocational training, to the stage Access to Employment, throughout the services of support to employment (access, training and maintenance). - To identify the factors of complexity in the articulation "deaf specificity/mainstream" and to see the possibilities to facilitate this transition for a better professional "preparation/integration" - To understand the main political orientations which cover the support of hearing impaired people (laws, rights of deaf people...) - To exchange on best practices, the efficient strategies and adaptation to the services, and all in a more constraint economic system. The participants are specialised educators, specialised teachers, and specialists of deafness interpretors, interfaces...). Planned activities are visits of organisations dedicated to the question of training and support to employment, especially programs of transition between school and active life (TEVA project), but also visits and exchanges with University, companies and peripherical services working in this field ; all these aspects are coming to feed best practices and to give innovatives ways to favor the professional inclusion or the maintenance in employment. The impact of this project is important because it will allow to improve the quality of services for the concerned target group, to develop the knowledge of professionals in their professional practices, to favor a better implication of professionals in services or organisations projects, to improve the organizations and their practices in the comparison with the best practices seen in the hosting organizations, and to valorize the support services in the training and to the inclusion of each organization, to develop the links between partners of the consortium and to ensure a better position of the organization, as regards the expertise, close to the partners. Finally, the expected long term impact is to participate to the increasing number of deaf or hearing impaired people with an access to employment and/or to vocational training, in different sectors, and in mainstream.



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