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Together Inc
Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Inasmuch in the recent years the severe recession of the major EU economies has undoubtedly raised the alarm, one could infer after the engagement with different types of EU programs such as Erasmus+, that the European Union has been turning the attention on both the education and training programs which are primarily interwoven with various ramifications of entrepreneurship. This statement could also be reflected by the conclusion that indeed, there is an open space for talented, fully-skilled entrepreneurs, which is constantly widening; accordingly, EU has endlessly attempting to set a fertile ground in order to provide alternative –but applicable- methods, capable to inspire the potential entrepreneurs to construct their new firms.Youth workers who are currently ‘working’ on entrepreneurship, must be continually updated, in the dynamic environment of entrepreneurial education, to mainly enhance-or even generate- a pure ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ which will possibly give an impulse to youngsters in order to learn how to create new entrepreneurial initiatives by their own. Simultaneously, the high demands and the intense competition which characterize the entrepreneurial sector in the recent years, require capable youth workers who are continuously being updated in correlation to the dynamic environment of Entrepreneurship. Taking for granted all the above facts, the specific training project which focuses on the important notion of ‘networking’, is seeking to bring together the majority of the organizations with a specialization on the entrepreneurial fields, in order to accomplish the following targets:(1) The development of an on-line space, through which the young participants (members of organizations with a specialization on entrepreneurship), will propose methodologies for the development of innovative trainings concerning the field, and which will stand for both their quality and high standards in relation to the entrepreneurial education. (2) The exchange of good practices, and particularly non-formal methods of education on entrepreneurial fields, thus seeking to motivate youngsters to be involved with the entrepreneurship.(3) The implementation of activities that widen participant’s network, with an emphasis on the eliminations of general problems that youngsters might encounter during the demanding stage of implementation of their entrepreneurial plans in their local communities.(4) The sharing of well-established non-formal methods and techniques, suitable for both the empowerment and enhancement of those youngsters deriving from the alleged ‘marginalized areas’, (including groups of immigrants, people with disabilities or even women deriving from countries which cultivate gender discriminations) in order to encourage them to take entrepreneurial action.(5) The creation of potential partnerships and future collaborations, through which new projects concerning KA1 and KA2 action will arise. The “Together Inc” training will be hosted in Roubaix, France by OFCI from 13/10/2016 until 18/10/2016 in cooperation with partner organizations from Portugal, Lithuania, Romania, Estonia, Spain, Cyprus, Poland, Bulgaria and Slovakia.



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