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Together for Europe
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

TOGETHER FOR EUROPE brings together 40 adolescents at the age of 16 to 19 from Germany, Poland, Belgium and France to learn together and exchange ideas about Europe in Krzyzowa and Berlin. From the 2nd until the 8th of November young people from Western and Eastern Europe, from old and new EU memberstates will intensively deal with issues that are of societal, political and historical importance for them as young citizens of Europe. They will do so in workshops, seminar units as well as a simulation game. In an intercultural setting the participants are encouraged to deal with the topic of escape and migration in terms of current politics and with the help of thir own experiences. Starting point of such investigations are the current tragical incidents in the Mediterranean Sea, where thousands of people died while trying to escape from hunger and war, from Northafrica to Europe. In 2014, 51 million people were on the run, as many as during the Second World War. Due to the fact that the rise of the amount of refugees from non-member countries is a problem that all EU citizens have to deal with because it affects everybody in their everyday lives, it is necessary to face this topic together with young people. Talking about it with young people fosters a peaceful and humane living together in Europe. On the basis of a simulation game, the young participants will discuss and implement solution strategies at EU level as well as in small local communities. With the help of such a self-experience method the participants will be aware of the possibilities and difficulties of political participation, the legal conditions of refugees in the EU and in certain member states. As a result the young people will be more sensitive and reflective in terms of migration and the political mechanisms of the EU. Furthermore the importance and conditions of Human Rights and the rule of law will be underlined. The simulation game is part of a program of different workshops, seminars and meetings of political decision makers. During this program participants will learn about the history, structure and current political situation of the EU. Equally the participants get to know how they themselves can become involved in the civil society. The composition of the participants is considering cultural as well as social diversity, in order to create a realistic image of Europe's societies and to guarantee approaching the topic of escape and migration in a multifaceted way. Partners of TfE will agree on this approach and the applied methods during an Advanced Planing Visit in Berlin (5./6.9.2015). TfE's goal is to learn about the origin and history of the EU, its represented values and political functioning. Teaching "Europe" is often deficient during teachers trainings what makes it difficult to implement the topic in curricula. TfE is reacting on this demand. On the basis of a current political topic, young people will be encouraged to become active European citizens and to foster the European awareness and their interest in democracy. The young participants will disseminate their knowledge and their experiences via a project blog and microprojects. Thereby they will take over the role of peer-multipliers. The blog gives young people the possibility to get informed and to exchange opionions on the topic of escape and migration. That is how the project TfE is taking its stand for the democracy education of young Europeans and is promoting social and political participation.



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