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"Together for a better education of sick children and adolescents-Preparing Pedagogues to work in a multidisciplinary team in Hospital".
Date du début: 6 juin 2014, Date de fin: 5 juin 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The main idea of this project are widely understood necessities of children with chronic illnesses, those treated on hospital wards and the way the teachers work on these wards. The most important objective is taking part in HOPE Congress : "Together for a better education of sick children and adolsescents. Preparing Pedagogues to work in a multidisciplinary team in Hospitals". Our main interest will be: raising qualificationes, learning new methodes and forms in work with sick students, exchanging experiences with other teachers, who works in hospital schools in Europe. Moreover getting know about strong and weak points of hospital education. The participants of this project is a group of five teachers: two pres-school teachers, one teacher of elementary education, one art teacher, and religion teacher. They are the members of HOPE -Hospital Organisation of Pedagogues in Europe. Actions preceding participation in the Congres are: meeting in self- improvemetnt teams, setting up an etwinning project, making use of e-learning, preparing a presentation about our school. At the Congress we will present art works of our students, a multimedia presentation about teachers work and also introducing subject suggested by the administrator of the event. Expected results are: improving quality of work at our school, cooperating with other educational institutions in Poland and abroad and generally involving more and more teachers in the project. Participants of a project will gain knowledge about children diseases. They will also learn new methods and how to make students active. Additionally, partakers will become more open and sensitive to the needs of sick and disabled children, taking into account different educational systems.