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Together by EVS
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In the Together by EVS project -according to our previous successful EVS projects and continuing them- we would involve two volunteers by the EVS into the life and work of Megálló Group Foundation for Addicts as host organisation for a year. The volunteers with fewer opportunities will help the youngsters with fewer opportunities, so our philosophy is to do something TOGETHER, to act TOGETHER. It will happen on two levels: first of all the EVS volunteers and the youngsters of Megallo as well as the staff will take part in different activities TOGETHER, and Megálló will plan, organise and realize common activities TOGETHER with other EVS host organisations, f.e. Kazinczy Living Library in Szimpla (by AZERT). The volunteers, who will be young people with fewer opportunities can get experiences of non-formal learning by the methods of Megálló Group Foundation, helping their lifelong learning, knowing different cultures and also helping their European civil participation. The Megálló Group Foundation is especially fond of hosting volunteers who are recovered addicts, because they can use the experiences of their own recovery in the everyday work with the young people who are in treatment in Megálló, and also in their own further development of personality. We organise the work of volunteer that it will absolutely fit in the Megálló Programmes, they will help the work of different groups as theatre-therapy group, music-therapy group, photo-workshop and different sport-activity groups (artifical-wall and rock-climbing, football, table-tennis, trekking). These activities make stronger the solidarity and tolerance between young people, which also makes stronger the cohesion of European society. A special part of the voluntary activity will be the participation in the "Megálló Adventure Therapy" programme, which is a special opportunity for the marginalized, moping young people, who usually spend their time on the streets. "Megálló Adventure Therapy" can be a helpful opportunity for learning through sports, out-door activities and group-activities in a safe atmosphere. The volunteers will have opportunities to make their own „mini-project” (project in the project), f.e. using our website to make the Youth In Action Programme being wider known by reaching young people and contemporary target-groups (forums, blogs).



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