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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Reading is a starting step of many things, which build a more solid stairs for pupils to climb up achieving something big out there. Children must have a solid foundation in reading skills at an early age in order to read more complex books later and be proficient in their understanding of them. Reading is essential in any school subject, as textbooks and other written media are used to convey the majority of information being taught. EuroStats says, that In 2009, approximately one out of five 15-year olds in the European Union had reading difficulties. EU countries have therefore agreed to reduce the share of poor readers to less than 15 % by 2020. In only Belgium (Flemish Community), Denmark, Estonia, Poland, Finland and Norway was the number of low achievers 15 % or less. This statistics forced us to make a reading project because we are growing the future of Europe in the schools. We aim through this project knowing the work of selected creators of literature, making students to be able to learn foreign language by reading,making students to develop interests about literature of other nations, making students to develop curiosity about book by a literary - theatrical, art and trips fun,making students to develop knowledge about the diversity of European cultures and languages, showing students peoples, histories, life styles and lives through reading,raising pupils’ efficiency of reading and other basic skills,integrating the group through our project in common - together study, work and play and developing the children’s level of achievement in English and ICT in all of the partner schools. To achieve this aims,we will read a book for each month and will do quizes about that books,so we will follow improvement at the students.We will read,write and act.The first year,we will read common national books with students.At the end of each year,we will make a performance about the books we have already read.Second year,we will read international books by famous writers also,La Fontaine,Astrid Lindgren,Anderson etc.Again,we will make a performance at the end of the project.Each month,when we finish reading books,we will give those books to another classes at schools.We will prepare Parents days at schools,they will come to read at the school with their children.We will invite also some writers to our schools.We will visit librarires,books fairs in each country so as to strenght the link between students and books.We will prepare outdoor activities sa as to motivate our students who work in the project. The main aim of this project is to increase students' reading skills in each partner school. In the end of the Project will be raised reading fluency and comprehension. To achieve this aim we will make different attractive activities and will reach some more results such as achievement of ICT,project website,e-story books,handmade bookmarks,efficient teams of teachers,the greatest integration of school environment,handmade posters, Increasing student's knowledge about the diversity of European cultures. Students will improve their communicative skills using both foreign and their native language, they will have information about other cultures and their people. This project also will motivate students to read books. Teachers will gain more self-confidence. They will be able to share the experience, new teaching methods and possibilities to integrate different school subjects, to develop further a cross curricular approach to teaching and learning. The school community will gain more strength and better relationships. Parents will be involved into the school life. They will have opportunity to visit the school to introduce a book, tell to the pupils their experience (reading the book) when they were a child. All products we will create will have free-access so as all community can have benefit from them.We will create a web site and it will stay online for 7 years.



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